Between Helvetica Neue, Roboto and Segoe UI

They’re default, elemental, text style and actually just font. Is the font matters of you, is it important to speak about font. They’re just font, right. What would be if we disuss it. Those font is just we’re using to type the text or static. Not anymore.

Please it’s more than that. Font is included of Innovation in graphic design. Without it there’s no User Interface. When computers just a terminal in a display, they didn’t think that’s a font, importantly just how to appear the text, but the font unexpectedly come with it. I didn’t know what kind of Font appear in that age, maybe retro style. That text in their terminal with font is just one of their embedded development integrated with Keyboard to respond it. How awesome is that, thanks for our innovators.

Anyway, i don’t want to talk about history of font in digital. And discuss related in my title. These fonts is very exist today. Although fonts now have more than billion style, but they’re always in our heart, especially for UI designer.

Me: Hi Helvetica Neue, tell me your personal!

Helvetica Neue: My name is Helvetica Neue, i have a lot of typeface family members, from light until black (more bold) in the weight. I’m just normal font what you see.

Me: People say you’re a normal font and become default in computer era. But why in this 21st century, you’re always exist and populer. Even in the era of startup. Do you have a comment with that?

Helvetica Neue: People need a clean, and these thing come with me. Today design is just a flat and simple. I’m just a font which a good in Front-End of app design or web design. One of the big companies, Apple proud of me too. Until now, their iOS and OS X using me now.

In my opinion, Helvetica Neue become popular because of Apple. This company has redesigned their interface formula and just with Helvetica Neue, it become simple. Since born, Apple always have to be Simplicity. Whenyou know the guidelines design of iOS. There’s no more to say about that. It’s just conditional of the content. More contents what have in their apps, Fonts and Layouts could adaptive with it.

Why this thing is matter and what magic affected that. And It’s the part of web design too. If you code your font family in CSS with Helvetica Neue, it’s comes like their defaults. It become more popular again, so many web designer using Helvetica Neue to be their elements body of HTML. Like Tumblr or Kickstarter, their design has just from Helvetica Neue.

Secondly, This is similar with Helvetica Neue, but it’s the next generation, i think.

His name is Roboto, the style is more curved than Helvetica Neue and this is chemistry for the latest Android. The typeface as same as what Helvetica Neue have. Why i say, it’s the next generation. If you like to mixing a colour, Roboto is over exist and modern. Let’s ask about it first!

Me: Hi Roboto, tell me your style!

Roboto: My name is Roboto, i’m designed at Google by Christian Robertson, he’s designer and font expert. The latest Android and related Google products redesigned in Google material deisgn. And this formula using me for standard font.

Me: Interesting.. You’re new in the font era. What will be your vision in design?

Roboto: I’m just following the rules what designer need for the prototype. I don’t care what platform have, I must responsive with everything. For example, some Google apps in material design for iOS, honestly it’s more beautiful than Android itself. Stranger, right?

Me: It’s stranger. hehe. How about your old friend, Droid?

Roboto: Droid is not the part of Google. It’s the part history in Android. This is font which used in the first version Android. We never forget it.

Good conversation with Roboto. Let’s play something experimental. I wanna compare between Roboto and Helvetica Neue. The first respond when look at these fonts together, they’re insanely same, it’s just from naked eye. You need more observation to do that. I think Roboto is more smooth if we activated the antialiased in web page. And Roboto is interest with Curved and Helvetica Neue just interest with rigid.

What the behind success of User Interface with your choice font, is it really important?

Simple or clean is one of the keys to success in User Interface. But why i’m realized this matter, font is just nothing between another custom fonts, always exists here. C’mon, there are many funky fonts here. I thought people need a custom font which is cool and fun depends their want, this thought when i was high school. I’ve got more focused in graphics and illustration when i first time learned about design, i always tried find the font in internet like, then try one by one. And fonts like Helvetica Neue or Arial always i skipped it, it’s default and ugly for me. However for User Interface, Helvetica Neue, Arial or Roboto is an universal. No matter what categories your innovation, these font is always everything for their UI thinking.

Example, like Facebook. Their mobile developer and designers just made the Facebook app is wonderful. Natural is their priority. Let’s say Facebook Messenger, are they really thinking the design?, this app is very less, but the affected for User Experience is big. The layout is just to be default, not anything, but gorgeous. Another is Facebook Paper for iOS. The addition of Animation in this app, made the iPhone really match with it.

The last thing is hidden competitor privately, individualism and commercial. Segoe UI, that’s a unique name for the new font. If you search this font, Microsoft will be leading that. This font is used in Windows 8, 10 and Windows Phone. Microsoft doen’t sell high end products too, this font is included their products.

Segoe UI style is more thin. Their bold typeface is like regular Helvetica Neue. Simplicity is trending topic now and Microsoft must have that formula. It’s time for their regeneration, Microsoft users now using Segoe UI.

When you look the history of Microsoft, this big company doesn’t really care about design, that’s why Steve Jobs said ‘there’s no artistic for them, they just thought about business’. Now they’re realized.

I used to Windows Phone in Nokia Lumia. This phone is enough for you to communicate. To play the games and amazing apps. You will get bored with this smartphone. Microsoft need an promotion to developers to get them exist. Microsoft didn’t have unlimited feature for User Interface, they force the developers to using their layout, Metro UI. If Microsoft wanna come back, let’s find out what users need.

Let’s talk with it for detail!

Me: Hi Segoe UI, tell me your style!

Segoe UI: My name is Segoe UI. Similar with my name, i’m specialied font for UI of Microsoft.

Me: You’re the new generation of Microsoft. How you’re changing the way of innovation with Microsoft? and what related with design aspect?

Segoe UI: Microsoft mainly focused in personal computer, internet and enterprises. I’m just make the magic in their front-end how the users could more enjoyable with our User Interface. Then, Enterprise need a solution, not only for management, but designing for management. Your company don’t want a complex things if they reads big data. We’re leading of this.

Me: I feel like you’re not kindly thinking about competitive, it’s like more privately. So what’s your goal now?

Segoe UI: I just focus with Microsoft and adaptive with their products. Microsoft still execute their innovation. So many failures we get, our innovation like ‘The Tablet that can replace your laptop’ is our mission too.

Please don’t trust what font say. They’re tricky and waste time.


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