Simplicity what you think is Complexity for me

Let’s care about complexity first..

Simplicity and Complexity for me is black and white. Not everyone love white and not everyone love black. But they’re together, connected and help each others. However, the less is more trending topic and popular than complex.

This essay is discussed when you are going step ahead for technological innovation, after ‘simplicity’ and ‘complexity are your observement.  Archived in 2015, my first essay working on design process. Still basic one. – Revised (August 21, 2017)

Complexity is like negative effect. When we look at the process of something industrial. Your catchy eyes for looking the first impression of product or masterpieces with just flat color or feel like nothing to see, just saying ‘that’s simple, minimalist and beautiful’. Even the experts could say about anything like philosophy just describe about simple thing, how powerful is that ‘simplicity’ word which can control the world of object or element.

When it comes to design for technologies and it comes to first answer is User Experience with solve the problem. Find the condition and software is matched with you. And when it comes to design for software, User Interface is first step, it’s easy. Another aspect, when it comes to design for product or industrial thing, you just drawing the object. When it comes to design for business, you need making a strategy.

This is the process how people work. But the result people wanna the simplicity element. Besides that, Complexity is become simplicity successful. Your process, failures and experiments is complexity thing.

For me, thinking about complexity is more easy than about simplicity.

Do some experiments, Let’s care about complexity, forget about simplicity. I wanna this opposite to be the winner of design. Let’s say every part of the trending topic now like Smartphone, UX and Innovation which always to be the lead of solving problem is actually complex. Why not, our world is full of relative and perfect is nothing. People whose care about simple and their conclusion is high quality. Then, another aspect which i’ve got more focused when simple is come, the more we get high price, especially for technology thing. Simple must be the cheap price and complex must get expensive price. Android phones in labeled low priced is the smartphone of simplicity, small screen size and only phone, message and chat featured, that’s simple. That’s thought which got more attention on people care simplicity in the price.

However, if you’re gonna care about the cover design first priority and simplicity you say, iPhone would be your first choice. This Smartphone is really full of complex, that’s why i love complexity. iPhone is made of alumunium how we get that requirement, You need the advanced steps of process to contact the industry what they want. Then, thinking about the prototype of iPhone shape, Apple needs experiments and deep research. The process is complexity and i love those. How about another Smartphone companies, they don’t need thinking to make a new product, some little updated of performance and product design. That’s a simple step, right.

Another my observation is how technologies delivered to around you, What people look is different with what we look. If you’re offering a phone to people which doesn’t care about the delivery of tech for the future, they may say ‘I just wanna s simple phone’. Then, you’re offering a phone to people which really care about the latest technology. Well, guess!. People whose don’t care about technology depends condition like the small-size phone, low quality for camera resolution, cheap price and whatever the rating from gadget inspector is low or high, it doesn’t matter, that’s simplicity they have. But, for people are gadget prodigy will be confused after looking every part of Smartphone and their bad or good benefits. That confusing will be the first step of complex. Secondly, they will consume much time to decide what’s the right for them.

The taste of technology have their own style. So, Business always look their market, what we need now sometimes is useless.

I wanna talk about Microsoft, this company actually have the future of personal computing with their ‘The Tablet that can replace your laptop’. This sentence notice about simplicity. There’s no hard keyboard there in Surface products and you could get the function in fully computer, it’s more mobile right. Is this the future of computing with interaction tablet or computing just stack with normal keyboard. Microsoft wanna be game changer and looks like Intel Corporation support that when i look their instagram, but some people still don’t feel touched with that. Why?, because people is habitual with the standard laptop, but some profession adaptive with Surface in their process of work. What simplicity do i get in Surface, first, you don’t need the keyboard for the born of idea, you’ve got more the freedom to express your imagination and creativity with that pen. Second, you don’t need bring laptop and table together. Third, Don’t you wanna paperless with your activity and get fully digital. ‘The Tablet that can replace your laptop’ things is yours. Simple, right. However, i’m still loving a paper and real things, that’s whay be complex still in my heart.

We’re living in the full of imagination.

But, our fiction sometimes feel relative. Then, we’re trying to solve the problem with that. Technology has become it and the solution expert. Doesn’t we need just the right thing. Your simplicity is used now because of around your innovation. Like playing games in your Smartphone and post your moment easily in share button. And what now?

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