The Next Apple TV could be your Business Platform

It will get more innovation for Apple TV.

“The future of television is apps”, this is what Tim Cook said in Apple Events yesterday. Apps is the base solution for daily life and the problem we’ve ever faced. The questions is how does apps could be in television?, and what challenge would be for developers to make innovation?

And i’ve got one, The vision Apple TV is get priority in entertainment zone or your living room. But, it’s more than that when i’ve got this idea. Apple TV is more innovate when in your business zone, this is what i thought. When i read reference of tvOS in Apple Developers page, suddenly i got idea app for Apple TV, but not for your living room, it’s in your business room, for details in your meeting room. It’s about presentation or innovation in meeting with your Apple TV which integrated Email Services or Cloud like iCloud or Dropbox.

It’s interesting, right. After that, i feel challenged to developed and push this idea to business world. If Apple TV could get more supported accessories not only third party controller, like camera. There will be one more idea for that, I wanna make app with streaming web cam for collaborations team or talk with your client. Another accessories which i imagined is Apple TV could integrated television with stylus and i wanna make app for drawing in big screen, Surface Hub from Microsoft would be lose. :p. Every class in the school would use that for their board.

Tim Cook said Apple working hard for developed the latest Apple TV and with their vision “The future of televisions is apps” would be true, if Apple is not only thinking that future in living room, but every categories.

Although, there’s categories in their App Store. Apple doesn’t be sensitive what’s more than entertainment section.

Apple just think about the app firstly, but they don’t think about how we deliver the app.

If Apple wanna be game changer, they should think far more than that. If just watch movie or something entertain and app. Every tech companies have that, Microsoft has Xbox One, Google has Chromecast or Google Nexus Player, Amazon has Amazon Fire TV. With that, The World would think Apple TV was late for this war.

What about dashboard to read your live data, it’s gonna be awesome if we make it in app for Apple TV. Some big companies have their dashboard with big screen in their office to see their analytics. Apple TV is featured with internet connection and that app can fetch API data lively. So, you don’t need to plug-in computer in that big screen with waste time of boot and access the data.

If you wanna app is the future of television, please think television is not only in your living room, but everywhere.

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