When Cyber Security becomes Beautiful

Enterprise handler and security management. It’s the best parts of Cyber security whose we. Cyber Security or Infosec (Information Security) is a kind of feeling serious. The taste of this knowledge looks serious to take it. This job is teaching about how manage your responsiblity and problem solver skills. That’s the gameplay to make it safe.

I wanna learn about Infosec, doing some research to get what’s inside the process of executable applications, networking and enterprise platform. But, the feeling to learning this knowledge, it’s sense of serious, then i need to spend a lot of money and additional of certificate to get the dream job. I wanna have my resolution in Cyber Securityto get my passion clearly. Start with the first question

Could cyber security or Information security become beautiful?

The challenging to answer this question is explored with this article. I still didn’t know the truly basic concept of information of security, that’s why writing is my beginning.

Information security is much in technical skills, reference and management concept. We didn’t make a product with Infosec, but we make an process. That process become solution of responsibility. The beautiful of things is more in the vision of objects, but i don’t meet the elements of beautiful with the process.

Beautiful require the shape of things. It would be the reason why your thing is beautiful. Infosec doesn’t require with shape, but the efficiency of protection. Could this efficiency become alternative requirement of beautiful?. Mostly, beautiful comes from the incention. But, the invention of Infosec is just the transparency layer of information.

I really compared between the daily life of Infosec and what does make people say beautiful. Some perspective, it’s possible to say that Infosec could become beautiful.

Security data visualization. This is front-end of Infosec and make the company have to response fast in various conditions and this is how we see show the security report. That’s good, it’s related to user interface design. Even, you can make it live with interactive graphics in the dashboard. This is beautiful of visual security data. We showed them in shape things from the transparency. This is just the vision of beauty really come true, I need more.

Another aspect, Media art artists is connecting their experiments with Infosec now. Julian Oliver is one of them, his art is just of transparency. He showed the process from the inspirations of surveillance, privacy or exploit something.

These aren’t enough to reward with beautiful. The transparent of data just the conceptual thinking how we deliver or manage securely. That’s general function of this. Security consultant attract their management company with the confidence of their protection’s concept. This is really far to match it with beautiful.

Let’s define the beauty more specifically. Beautiful could be the atmosphere of fun too, however this fun provide with positive aspect. Hackers do their job to breach or exploit, they think it’s fun, but not for opponent. The guard of enterprise couldn’t taste this fun sometimes, panic button is their food.

The sense of fun is my resolution for cyber security. It must more than visualization, experience habit and the culture.

Let’s talk about the data experience.

First, the management of data. This is relative thing. They need to have the good culture of the company, how they will be discipline with their company. Sometimes, the data of enterprise has breached because of the bad discipline in their company. It’s simple solution.

Second, how we access the data. Sometimes there are different opinions or plans between IT team or sales team to how access their data. Sales team has experienced with how they access the data, the problem is they need more fast and responsive, like enterprise in mobility. IT team love the idea from sales team, however they’re too much thinking about complexity layers in security, the reason is afraid of data breaches. What are your priority?, sales team with their experience or IT team with their development.

I choose to learn from the experience. IT team doesn’t see the experience of sales team. Experience hopes provide better than before and we get motivated to learn something new and find the new concept creatively. This is why security operations or something doesn’t only need your skill experience and certificate but how we innovate inside it.

Now, access the data in the mobile app is the famous one. So many authentication innovation system we could create it. For example, computer vision, then two-factor authentication or Touch ID in iPhone. Those are innovation right, even beautiful.

You see the beautiful because how the things could attract you. Beautiful girl could be say because her eyes attract you. To make a vision in beautiful cyber security, how we could attract the the process.

This knowledge is universal, Cyber security could be part of everything in computational era.

This beautiful isn’t only for visual, but the efficiency in the process.

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