The Probability of Fashion Fields

This digital wallpaper describe how Fashion trendy inspire everywhere in the daily life and make our culture be more fascinating and happiness.

Style, Modeling, pattern and designing for sketch. This is why i’d like to explore the imagination of fashion, especially behind the process. I’ve never expect Fashion is the next my journey but this explore is actually the learning of another study design.

Fashion is the balance between design and art. In their position, Fashion field is the center of point. When you’re looking the visibility of art in commercial. Fashion is one of this example. Look around and those the unlimited possibilities of inspiration. Those inspiration is quickly notified and disappear, the cycling of fashion is temporary of design process those you’ve make the drafting and finished. Then, idea is the reflection of their first step to do the process. Another thing, fashion designer is the fastest how deliver their brainstorming of developed idea than others. They don’t see the perfection, horrible of trendy era, client’s request or business potential, they just follow what’s inside in their mind. Truly designer doesn’t follow the trendy era, but the trendy is following them. With the re-invention of culture, Fashion do entertainment in our culture. We’ve been trusted by them easily, that art is the piece where we use everyday. Somehow, the art trusted our feeling to get connection in the context of nature. When fashion succeeded invite us to get their plot. Doesn’t mean we’ve changed the culture, based on appearance.

Let’s try to make the simulation why fashion does have probability. Pattern to visualise the imagination, there’s fabric to shaping of dress, motif to match the colour and finishing with model. Then, the invention or motivation just the key to open this process, not creativity mind. Creativity just bringing your unlimited possibilities to fill the canvas of your fashion field. All design things just override with creative genius, never mind, that just scare your thinking. Fashion set aside with passion to get living of the dress. If the time comes for fashion designer to show their work, our judgement doesn’t bring the surprises feeling, but appears with expression that innovation of trendy have endless possibilities, It could be the fashion designer’s game rule must be followed, bring the new trendy. Black and white is the best match to find the probability of fashion, it’s simple and easy-looking. For the starter decision, black and white is bringing limited emotions, then your style makes your own trendy.

Design is doesn’t looked to be failure, it’s like opinion. People just decide what’s the best from creator’s work. There’s no absolute here for design, you have your perspective. Especially for Fashion, however only this design field just follow this foundation of design process, there’s no guidelines here. Gucci and Louis Vuitton consist with their vintage vision and still developing it, they think their limited inspirations never possible to make a next mixing or motif, but probability never disappoint of fashion thinking. Karl Lagerfeld never appears with light colours combination mostly like rainbow that related with colourful elements, he always developed in the underground colours, like soil or manipulate some brightest colour that has fall to dark or adapt with nature. That’s the definition of style, designer released their vision and consistent with it. You could imagine how the really feeling of freedom and learn it from design fashion.

Pattern is turning on the living of dress, the probability probably begins here. It’s the optional option, if the design doesn’t look to be flat. Pattern can be the exploring of beautiful, it’s going back to style again. Mostly, every people love red and blue colours, it doesn’t mean forest colours which related to darken type, it’s not right. A bunch of flowers describe most popular in the pattern era, with different species could mix in one match, or abstract things well too. Pattern is filling the imagination. Emilio Pucci is good inspiration for pattern with her consistent.

Crafting is the innovation of fashion process and the teaching of design to explain what clothing material could adapt. This is how fashion appears with architect of shape and unique process. Trendy except with this to get enrapture. Even, this is paramount from the fashion-step today. It’s finishing the design.

When this intersect is meeting each other, the probability of fashion in the new trendy and invention of style approach. Now, with the beginning of trendy get the behind layer of culture. Fashion designer have to make a revolution accidentally, they’re the players of culture. There’s reason that our speculation about culture comes from the fashion designer. Louis Vuitton seems be the right example of game changer in the history of design, invention in their bags inspire anything in the culture of travelling, expensive pricing is normal for them, they have unique story in their history. Gucci seems to be the player of business man trend or vintage stylist. Is trend is disturber of culture?, we’ve manipulated easily from them to get entertain in their plot.

Innovation is called of problem, the trendy is brought by moments. Designer need inspiration, we steal the idea everyday, there’s no pure inside the world. We could develop it more better. Fashion looks like transparent with this a kind of feeling. So many inspirations out there doesn’t bring their creation to get their unique. Fashion doesn’t look about success or failure, but it’s about your style. You’re matching it and wear it. We always mention it everyday. Style is the piece of art from culture that fashion inventor must investigate their hidden secret of culture’s creation. There’s reflection of how entertain the attitude of people and speculation of culture, then appears with luxury atmosphere. It’s almost same with architecture design that describe your passion. Inspiration’s vision is about to be inspiration again, fashion do this action.

we learn something that easy, from visual. In this step, our fashion designer must look what’s inside in their culture and connected it with art. Freedom is the main point of art, however Fashion is the most sensitive design with our culture. Then, Fashion never simulated with problem context or anything. They just entertain people to be attracted with it. That’s why Fashion is the balance between art and design. With full of surprise than you imagine.

You wanna be an art, just follow the life of fashion.You can be beautiful expression, visual of attraction and the nature feels like be competitor.


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