Develop Smart City like Playground

It’s more understandable to sense it and city’s vision can integrate it.

In the playground activity, children may don’t know in their first sight. But their creativity and their pure thinking could test their response with those object to give their emotional judgement.

Let’s say (for example), one of the kids get the mini-car toy in the playground. Children still feel strange with this object, even they have seen the car in children book or advice by their parents. Because they never touched it firstly. It’s time to explore. His eyes catch something noticeable in their life before, there is chair in the car. It’s familiar for him and the next step may be the risk for this kid. Children’s attitude never be afraid, if they didn’t feel it first. Without look around, this kid just wanna sit in there. There are potential between success and fail. However, before that. Why does children interest in this mini car and explore it immediately?. It could be colourful, interactive and attractive. Their sensitivity to explore and learn is high. That’s why every parents put something decoration which is colourful and fun in their room to affect when they grow up.

‘Playground design is influenced by the intended purpose and audience.’ — Wikipedia

So, this is the background. The big question is ‘Can Smart City affect the users like playground affect their children?’. You know, it’s more simple than the process of playground before. Because users have experienced what they have learned in around them. So, their objects depend on them must reboot with more innovation and attraction elements. When children try to learn, in differently, the users try to simplify the solution. So, when i compared to each others, it’s more understandable. Why?, because users would get out from their zone that discomfort after realised it. It’s time for designer, innovator or entrepreneur chance to be hero.

Then, how we got the deep inside the process. This process generally how we innovate something, but their judgement to become commercial is more readable in the adaption of Smart City.

First step is Problem to Solution, then Explore — Adaptation and Judgement.

Problem : Where there are crowds that’s rising the voice hardly. That’s problem comes from. We could begin the first method of the process, with analysis the problem. Civil realize that there are another ways to simplify it.

Solution : After we have conclusion in the problem’s situation. It’s time to review and invent it. Don’t be ego first. Because the next step is integration with citizens. Smart City inventor never forget to add elements of innovative and attractive, it depends with your sector.

Explore : In the playground activity, children needs to learn first. In civilisation, users are exploring first, they need to know the feature and services what we give. When innovator analysis the problem and give answer with the solution, Users analysis the solution and give the conclusion.

Adaptation : This is the conclusion where users give the answer indirectly. You need to know what users give feedback or critical within the time and their consistency.

Judgement : It’s time to judge your efficient. There are potential between success and failure. Even it’s automation or users use it for their services, users can influenced easily and it would be disruptive.

The Development of Smart City just to know what kind of potential that users gave. The born of problem to give their potential is coming from to know each other. Our culture for daily activity doesn’t comes from influencers or expert. It’s a crowd that give their voice. This is the potential. You can’t say our culture doesn’t get beyond enough, because the people still enjoy what they matters.

Now, it’s time for market zone. This isn’t about find the chance of success. This is the time to find the needy of crowd. It depends on their passion. In the playground, children is a bit of confused what should they’re playing. In their reflect, they chose one of the most crowding playing. Same with Smart City, this development must know the keys of attractive, it’s not enough with just innovation. The keys is really simple, just follow your passion, what are you facing the problem today in your moments. Your study or field could see more approachable effective to make a solution, they’ve experienced with it.

In this graphic data are the potential indicator of Smart City from my opinion to visual. There are two different sectors for Smart City, it’s about business management, enterprise in private sector, then service or culture in public sector.

Now, let’s talk about the potential of public sector first. In the process of Smart City activity, innovators are the key of strategist and manipulator. They’re manage the time and build every steps for their solution. The resident and population of Smart City is the subjects in the strategy of innovator. Players must follow the process in step-by-step to get solution is run. Let’s take a look the MRT of Singapore, their resident is like playing game, which following every steps to get their services to reach their destination and the automation platform just coach people to how their cycle is managed simplified and people could enjoy it everyday consistently, without face the issue personally.

Innovate in Smart City, your platform must like tutor with ask the question first. ‘How we people enjoy with our solution?’, if there are the problem in one of those steps of platform. People can’t finish your solution process and leave it immediately. Ya, this is the failure of solution. People wouldn’t care about it anymore, even it’s smart idea. People even back to the past process. Let’s say you put the computer in the around of city for people to get efficient information, mostly i may say, they’re just first impression users. This is their judgement to get truly to define the solution why computer is matter in here. So in public sector, you must truly get to listen what’s resident talking about in their situation, and put your solution in there.

Second, Private Sector is less sensitive with their problem after they response the issue. They focus on the result and time management, then their habit sometimes hide the problem to achieve what they want in their plan. Because, they do their daily activity with just convention. So, to innovate in Enterprise must take a lot of time to manipulate their culture job. However, one of their management subject may be visionary. Sometimes, if the company have succeed. It’s their time to find the efficient for their platform. They may need intelligence for their analytical data or noticeable system in integration of every team. The problem of company unexpectedly always appears, in their plan or customers issue.

With their surprised problem, sometimes their platform could be their performer. Their technologies couldn’t face the problem or be unknown with the issue. This is the switch button for their management to get efficient in their platform. Especially for this field, Environment architecture must sensitive with Smart City, they’re underground platform that affect in every single object of City. I would say Environment (Electricity, Water System and etc.) are the balance between public and private sector. Their process in private sector and the results in the public sector.

Let’s back to playground again, there is thing with name Seesaw. As one goes up, the other goes down. It’s constantly get movement like that and very little possibility to get balance. It’s action that we just adapt it and accidentally bring our effect of power to them. Seesaw is the next generation platform process that’s tastefully for Smart City field. It’s automation and intelligence method. When Players of Seesaw give the power to be dominant than another players. One of the platforms in every category must know the condition of their users and what affects for them. Thanks for Big Data, it’s intersect to each others. Directly, Users need to react for them after their platform give the react first. Every each other must get advantage in the result of process. The platform give their information, users must feel they have got the information they need.

My perspective to explore in smart city have ended with the conclusion. Let’s review it.

  • Find the crowd that rising their voice, that’s problem come.
  • It’s not just about innovative about your solution, added with attractive.
  • Solution is appeared after users followed your strategy and steps to get it
  • Between users and platform must have benefit each other.

Please give big critique for me!

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