Design in Enterprise: Explained

I’m really interesting with the transformation for business insights. Indeed, this field is categorised with complexity. When i see the design have more ability in experience simulated. That’s why, it could be possible when design is going to participated in this research.

In the business’s environment, their story is unexpectedly change from one scenario to another scenarios. It can be good or bad. Business’s environment to see the explanation of their culture is more sensitivity in their failure than success. Because, their experience for facing the process is unforgettable that actually can be various reasons in their execution. Precisely, the management of IT services can also affect them. Never mind, it’s technological aspect discussion or not. Our digital experience now is more comfortable for the next transformation today. Beginning with this realisation, we try to see the background’s problem firstly.

  1. Their service sometimes can be failure’s reason. Most of all, that can be mysterious’s problem.
  2. They’re holding the updatable technology in this digital era, because they can’t adapt quickly. That’s why we need the new thinking to consume technology smartly.
  3. Take actions like risk is getting out from your comfort zone. This is how we do playing of business.

Then, our vision when i analysis in this background. I’ve did some of purposes to take deeply from my imagination for the next generation and born the new idea and more basics fundamental to see, how the steps of designer is taking approach?

I’ve come with question ‘Why Enterprise Need Design?’, so many answers out there to get first experience. For me, I wanna make enterprise is trusted with simplicity and enjoyable. Even it’s mate to get this intersection. So i put the design circle in the centre of foundation in enterprise and many components from IT services is following. Then, i make my own theory how visual thinking is taking this disease’s enterprise and migrate for their healing.

  1. Problem and Visual Thinking would get more outlook in the parent of problems that slowly is following their child
  2. Then, Visual Thinking is moving to solution methods to manipulate the culture what they made it in perspective’s problem need.

This is enough for our innovation process basically.

More visual in ‘The Process Of Innovation’ is bringing the following path how visual thinking is integrated in this formula. I hope, we could take it more detail. Because, it’s just the general.

Then, i’ve made a three steps for the merged between ‘problem’ method and ‘visual thinking’ method. First, ‘Analysis’. Second, ‘Experience’ and lastly, ‘Integration’. I wanna take a explanation in analysis method. This is how we’re starting to adapt the problems. Got the best chance to see their problem is try to simulate the ecosystem.

When we’ve touched their culture. Problem can be heard everywhere. In analysis method is the difficult one actually. I’ve mentioned playing in the simulation in their culture is another sub-process. You will see the inside of their behaviour, activity or how company in various conditions. As design thinker, we must open our ears widely and response intellectually. After that, find their possibility. And also, are your vision is same feeling with them.

I have visual story-telling to more understandable in this journey. Business’s people really just told the reflection in their business. Now, our challenge is filtering their statement that have the potential for our purpose in this case. And also there must be persuasive for your responses.

In the fear of transformations, some company may feel what they have a risk imaginatively. So designers must get the negotiation friendly and don’t be too serious for these explanations. Try with asking some questions, mostly design thinkers recommended with ‘why’, it would connected what’s their integration need.

This is how we developed the analytics. We have their priority to answer their real questions. Now the next structured, We have to scaled with business’s solution process. Integration would fill in there. Secondly, this is ‘experience’. This method would show how design thinker works. Unpredictable, what you think.

Building the experience is needing fundamentals firstly. We’re going back to classical design whose design thinkers do their brainstorming visual thinking.

  1. Framework is our configuration for the new canvas, we would do some experimental in first fundamental.
  2. Elements are our objects to put in the framework and their combination would see the judgement of your experience.
  3. Style is your opinions to get approachable of perfection. It’s finishing in this experience method.

But, it’s too general in their fundamental, we need more advanced for enterprise experience. So, i modified them with business’s perspective.

We have the Enterprise-Centered Design. We would look more detailed. First of all, Framework is your new canvas to see how their adaptation tool or find the best matched of your foundation before you feel it. Then, i mentioned the simulation of culture in matter, somehow this framework need to be working on motive scenario. This is place how we manipulated the culture. And, it’s not inconsistent for every spot in framework or relative, because there are process to wait their new experience.

Then, Elements. This is your tools to fill the objects or layer in the framework, there are many options. Follow what you need, don’t too much. It’s not good, can’t be getting impact of simplicity.

The lastly is your own beautiful. Style is how you craft the story and find the meaning what you’ve put the elements in framework. Find some interactions of object released with efficiency.

It’s more comfortable if we have a framework like storyboard. The next is about combine everything in one place with timeline of your scenario. This is just finding the new experience generally how should be your company take their execution for insights. Somehow, story-telling is more efficient.

Third is about the integration. We’ve made the new experience theoretically and now we have to discuss with IT services, what a kind of innovation would born in our transformations.

We would feel our experience from this integration of platform. So, we must take benefits each other. And our story with style fundamental in experience method would continue here.

Here we are the more detailed in style is about connected your idea that can describe uniqueness and more breakthrough of your platform. Even empathy for example.

Now, we need to get more interactions with IT services. We have to know what’s trending topic right now in information technology services. Because Information technology is one of the field from computer science that’s growing fast.

Then we put our dresses that would be the various stylish for platform. These are simulation case for every field in IT services. I tried to experiment the new experience from visual thinking in these case and got back their basics.

Start with ‘The Stylish Experience Of Internet Of Thing’. It’s about connected experience where you should get benefits on their communications system.

Case 2 ‘The Stylish Experience Of Cloud Computing’. Kind of weird actually because cloud computing is focusing on infrastructure. However, the structure like tree explain in every innovation of cloud computing.

Case 3 ‘The Stylish Experience Of Cyber Security’ is described what’s inside in their traffic visually and motivate in taking a risk. Cyber security sometimes be treated with dark colours that imagined uncomfortable in their strategy. So, i recommended when designing it with fresh colours.

Case 4 ‘The Stylish Experience Of Big Data’ is the balances between how we put the digital experience and culture’s condition. Too many controlled by data isn’t good, you wouldn’t think by yourself to take the action.

Case 5 ‘The Stylish Experience Of Mobile Era’ is the easy one. Our mobility thinking in platform is gaining popularity. Because, This is the front-end in claiming of data.

This is the ending our runway, now we’re going to take everything what we created from analysis, then experience until integration. It’s time for commercial and the judgement from our building.

Deploy for the new nature of your business activities. We would like to reform our outlooks and ready with the new weapons for the next levels. It’s perpetual, we never expected what’s next would be our company is conditioned. And it’s not just depends high technological of your enterprise, but between subjects and objects must build the relationship to take a new collaborations.

My vision with design thinking to take an action of enterprise is just overriding with confidence. Outpace in outstanding of design is bringing more journey for me. If you’re asking where should we begin with how we build the transformation, start with design thinking basically. It may indirectly you have used this method.

Thank you so much for exploring my journeys until finished. This is originally uploaded on my Slideshare, you can download there.

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