Don’t Feel Advanced in Business Intelligence!

Our inner feelings to develop big data assets. Never expected to be advanced, actually the vision is just get simplified. How magical in these processes.

Togetherness of data’s objects is bringing the system in doing their systems. Those group whose make it vulnerability just getting the expression of big data. It’s too focused on data learning, algorithm systematics and advanced queries. A common problems in this case just follows a condition growing industry level and sometimes can’t make adaption with it.

A transformation is good. But, realisation of transformation needs to be readable of the contexts. In Enterprise insights, it doesn’t have to innovate in their IT services or not. Everything must be following in one mission. Complexity can be appeared if one categorised layers can’t adapt collaborative from one of their members. That’s why, they have too prepared in the new experience and behaviour’s change. Platform is just a foundation.

Completely unbalanced when experience is taking off from it. And also ambiguous. Companies have realised in these situations. But, enterprise is just following the process what practical they’ve experience. Taking a risk is different, it’s related with experimental. Indeed, they’re not trying to be openable of problem, fast-growing of business competitions is afraid of lose leading in headlines. That’s the reason, they’re closing a problem to think it again of their environments.

Complexity can be appeared if one categorised layers can’t adapt collaborative from one of their members.

We need some delightful experience that is feeling hard to achieve, business never expected to tell their story constantly. And, Enterprise have a life to be responsive, it’s too far from what they’ve realised. Because transformation of business Intelligence isn’t about IT services at all, it’s relation with everything that participated.

So, complex feeling is depending the impact of your insights. Then, because this thing is mostly noticed in critique, the solutions is just consistent with your concept for their enterprise.

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