Modelling Revenue in API Business

We really realise benefits by the living of data, business players could make an station or airport of data where data would work their mission. That’s why, Possibility of every field of business can make their own platform or API business.

It’s not for technological or internet business at all. After, we have became native in digital experience. It’s kind of side-product in sharing economy to each other, making bridge of content’s owner to platform maker and users. API (Application Programming Interface) expects business strategy doesn’t build for their just purpose in products or service, but build an empathy of caring people.

API owners just find the probability in the scaling of different aspects, like regions, startup zone or local developers. Whether, it could make a new personalised platform from every API-hunter or benefits system for third-party.

API isn’t about building of empathy (share or care), but responsible in collaboration of contents, users . When, it’s time to get intersection in your products, this step which brings how you’re modelling your revenue. There are various methods to embeds it. Distracted of promotions or forced to buy products. Because, impressions in your API contents. Where business strategy are made by data, automation in the platform do their executions, analytics see your potentials.

It might enjoy your moments how business plan is played by multiple target’s user of API experience.

You’ll get the transformation and competitors wouldn’t get leads ahead in market and digital can adapt from the new environment of data.

non-tech companies whose have many data that can surrounds their potential, they might not introduced in technological experience, but a lot of data could bring the next identity to innovate beyond capabilities of digital products.

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