Creativity on Time by Machine Learning

Either good news or bad, machine learning would define his own critical thinking.

black / white garden abstract — Kicikku

When it comes to the emotions of art, we never see the visibility between problems and solution. Because creativity is brought by the passions and the reflection of expression. If technology wanna take this participation, it should be just a piece of tools. Never mind, idea is connected mind, we wanna explore more through experimental for their fundamentals. Just thinking a white canvas, where we can fill various elements in limitation inspirations. Computing wanna do that, can show their around for probability and fill the ideas in that canvas. Ya, it’s possible, Google did that with their first song creation by algorithm arrangement.

Time is the property of business’s events. Looks nature in his actions, grabs a moments and constants in every decisions. Then intersection between creativity and time thought is full of argument. Creativity never looks a perfection while we try to be it and time just feel his conditions after an action of creativity takes his moments for rendering in his ideas. One exceptions between time and creativity, it never judges whether it’s true or not. Full of relativity in the emerging markets, we see technological way always achieve in his true momentary when solutions are just the goals, time doesn’t be care in his process, but his providing the influences can impact in our time. Growth of Artificial Intelligence fields take many capabilities of categorized business, even expressions of words and arts. Our nature feeling in expressing arts with time is showing the emotions how developed every single creation process which would be predictor of the next imaginations, sometimes we match a color blue with red, or black and white. These are mostly influences of around. The next participations of A.I. in the culture’s expression like fashion, music, arts and many more would be the next digital inspirations in our mind. Basically, i have seen many people see another’s works in web before do his creation, internet just changed how we thinks differently. What could it be metadata of time in data’s property in technical issues?, when it collects probability of ideas.

I’ve imagined the disruptor of fashion business. There are many possibilities concept here when integrate with machine learning. Because, algorithm is full powered to give predictions of pattern or matches color. It might be dangerous when people face how would they think for the future. Let’s say one machine can make a dress in just 30 seconds normally. From machine predicts what should color match between one to another and context of pattern in many ways, even it can consider by profiling what customer’s style in their conditions. 3D Printing become new prospect in this idea, especially form dimension which sometimes can make it glorious.

Now machine learning is the study of predicting what they collect in their execution. If machine can adapt the inspirations, the question might be technical matter, it’s not ‘how do we discover the creativity?’, it’s ‘how do we calculate the creativity?’. It’s following the formula, like depends on popularity, then time and date in metadata or profiling the inspirations. Let’s say, there’re form fashion printing machine, his simple process just have two steps. First, it collects every street style pictures in the web for one season and we configure the quantities how many do we wants to print the dress. Finished, creations is made with various concepts in machine’s originality, however the results might wouldn’t be expected empirically and needs a long time for commercialized, this machine would have to the new interactions, the sense of style needs relativity views. Behind the process of collecting street style pics, artificial intelligence still need to learn the culture’s experience.

Back to form fashion printing machine imagination, it takes every possibilities of elements, from every color codes, then basics of shape, smart of curve and rule of patterns. Then, it creates how data get their inspirations within around, without feeling hesitation in his inner conditions. Now, algorithm can crafts his pola. About detail piece, machine confidently sure what they give in positions, but fashion is full of relativity and never be constant form. Sometimes, our dress can describe how confident we are, gorgeous sensation and his own moments in around us. Can machine build any kind of this capability?, when it become constant elements, your ways in seeing art can’t appreciate the openable mind in every critique, this form machine is still untouchable in emotions of art, but it just can make it what business is seeing the potentials.

It’s game changing, but expected to see the instant results and how can machine get feedback?, Neither does have to be called ambient intelligence, integrity, smart and responsive, or it looks so confidence while we’re worrying what machine blamed in our mind. How can we critique them, when effective way does dominated our thinking, there’re little voices to rising probably and culture is manipulated by this growth. This is the power of technology which brings most the simplicity and it can’t see the answers between true and false.

Abstraction of computing era grown up for designing a new perspective how it faces an idea of own-imagination within a sense of around. Could we see through of freedom expression?. One piece of button in some tools might make everything in his intelligence for the future. Actually, it doesn’t yet response feedback to innovation. It’s the new layer of reclaiming expression.

This is what we called the new normal expression. Data are just activities context in the transporter between virtual and reality. We’re make sure this system never feel in touch negotiating inspiration for making ideas. Too deep, Could data think in differently about an idea?. Too much appreciated what technologist bring us the new changing take every nature interactions aspect of human.

Thanks for enjoying this.

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