Reflection on Technology for Providing Social Innovation

The biggest challenge right now is how we learn about the mistake, imperfections. People are comfortable right now individually in taking the connections and feedback, that’s our problem.

As we believed, knowledge is in everything to be successor in everything and technology are the tools to prove them. Then empathy is our understandability. How do we make a process from combined these implementation to develop in poverty issues or the neediness of developing countries?

Now, it’s not about the problems that i noticed, social innovation here are focused on our productivity right now, these productivity would introduce solutions from those problems.

Okay, it isn’t just about poverty, productivity and education issues. It’s more with integrity of technology when prefer it for the social innovation implementation.

Start with observing their emotions of society and to be good listeners are first ability how social innovators build these strategies. Indeed, those are very basics thing for taking an impact in their statement. Because, feel in their problem is how we connect to them for discovering possibilities ideas for their communities. Kind of motivation as additional side elements between us for them.

We provide guidance for them in personalized in community ways, otherwise they need to show the expression of preparing the new adaptation. See.., this is our purposes, exposes in expression of emotion. The main parts of social innovations are playing positively in emotion, good listening and achieve it together.

After being good listener and interviewing them, reach feedback in our interactions can motivate between us to see the future can be changed surely for them. Although, relatives are just our controllable for this causality, it might minimize for getting inspirations in our next productivity. Ya, productivity is our main problem right now in the emerging global inspired by the headlines of Bloomberg TV.

Because, dominated of technology right now. There is no boundaries when we develop innovation in technology perspective, especially for business plan for consumer spending.

I realized there is one simplicity idea for developing business technology in this complexity unreadable of potentials and how to solve the future of jobs which become threatened issues. Technology business are too focused on changing for impact, not come first emotion for impact their customer, and never bring the expected productivity, don’t be like junk for your business, let’s become how our business can advances many business, because of technology, our reflection right now just stand with just a piece of consuming repeatedly, that’s why our productivity just suspended in those strategies.

Social innovation are one idea that can introduces another advanced idea, which are pitching creativity together, understandability of potentials and openable to sharing each other. Build credibility and integrity in the edge of competitiveness.

In this modern world, dominated of apps, internet, social media and the growth of information. Social innovation doesn’t need anymore the growth of digital information or technology, it needs to solving our productivity issues right now for the futures. Not the end of process in just consuming.

Let’s focuses on productivity background of developing countries, there’re strategies between maker of cause and consumer of impact n here. And those strategies never be critical of consciousness, at least we must define how we gave them priority in every single object of this strategy. Why?, because when we connected to social field, it’s more feeling more than the feeling of outer expression. Now, the growth of communities to spend our creativity and free education or healthcare the best as exemplary to define those priority. It’s their productivity which means can bring the happiness together, the future always refined new in their goal. So remarkable for this experience, right now.

Otherwise, because the making of technology in yours mostly are just playground of data. Now, it’s really less for us high advanced technology in big business to give big impact for us. It’s not passionate at all and the last things we have to say those are the growth in succeeded story would become less thinking and always expands their money machine.

Mentioned ‘less thinking’ here and reflection of technology looks like discover the new normal for us, ‘automation thinking’. Their visions are just simple not to replaced, but are looking for effectiveness between time and quality. Human resource are become the ending of story right now. Is this social innovation’s problem right now for us?, imagine that, we’re now focusing on ‘humanity thinking’. Try to transform the context of technology for our integrity in our culture.

Balancing might delivers possibilities of questions and technologies are just the tools that doesn’t expected to be influencers.

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