Contemporary Robotic System

Precisely we’re inevitable for this progress for the big change. Slowly, every aspect is gonna form the master preparation how would possibilities impact in our field.

We’re in the middle of open innovation and sharing economy now, purposely balancing the growth emerging markets or understandability for the truly innovation. Robotic System isn’t just the experience how we must take their effectiveness, now this is how culture judgement to present their innovation. At least, it could take many sides for us to challenge our intellectual for the future.

Robots are the passionate of autonomous things, simplified which need raw-working and timing investment. Robotic system could also be predictable in decide quality in many quantities in probabilities. Otherwise, my mind judge this conceptual idea of robots are just flat in their ending story, we just give what human nature do for robotic system. From communication until in our exercise body.

These three foundations enough for me to solve how robotic system master plan truly taste our culture. But, the next we’re quite sure there’re unexpected moments which between creations and critiques never solve in consistent way, although it’s the main part of innovation.

Letters of Idea — Kicikku

Firas Rafislam is tech strategist in developing tech experience for inner and outer digital or business prospective, he’s also passionate discovering idea in design thinking. He was Freelance iOS Developer. Kicikku is his collective experimental ideas platform.

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