Transparency of Disruptive Tech Business

It’s not about dominances of technology growth, now it’s about how we’re openable for innovations change and it just become a law of life cycle.

Once again, there’re no solutions to balance what business’s culture should do, it’s your deep feeling to quite sure we could present together in differences way for every game. If technology is every foundation to build a destructive business that can dominate your comfort.

Don’t argue with your fellow thinking that would make you one of the victims of game changes by destructive business, but it (your thinking) should increase your mentality to follow the new adaptation and you’re motivated to make a differences.

Those are the ways of game changers to launch a constructive business, now we shouldn’t be selfish for the culture need for our attentions. ‘Open Innovation’ mean we’re learners of what culture needs to solve. There’re stories everywhere which need to be presented with innovation. That’s why tech disruptive business are as additional become Open Innovative Business.

Because of that, our culture is just pleased by your impact. And finally step, how your business can gain a consistency to adapt a new challenge in inconsistency of markets. If it’s not, you might be the next victim.

Letters of Idea — Kicikku

Firas Rafislam is tech strategist in developing tech experience for inner and outer digital or business prospective, he’s also passionate discovering idea in design thinking. He was Freelance iOS Developer. Kicikku is his collective experimental ideas platform.

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