Why are Distractions of Internet Consuming so Meaning?

Our mind have control, internet doesn’t have control. Otherwise, we’re controllable by them easily and forget our priorities. What’s your step?

Why are distractions of internet consuming so meaning? — Kicikku

Temporarily in my activities, internet what do we have consumed, it’s like the neediness of information resources. However, it’s still normal. Even we can say ‘what do you do in the internet?’, just a couple of discovering inspirations, that’s my internet daily activities.

Now, when related with social media activities, timeline or newsfeed experiences are the momentum of our connections. But, the impacts are unbelievable in another stories for various aspects. Let’s say there’re a little bit of emotions, our selfish is approaching to see what our friends did. They want to show something in their feed, but not everyone can be acceptable in your expressive. This is why everyone wanna their attentions in noisy of digital age. Welcoming or exposes and pleased to get interactions, it might be social media experiences right now.

Otherwise, why those distractions are important to catch up., is this our youth generations doesn’t have a controllable mind or something that’s the ability to focus on. I just reminded really the basics of internet vision in exponential of growth informations and even knowledge. Now, it realised me to back the basics of internet vision. You know, what i called distractions aspect here, it makes me doesn’t have a inconsistency of passion, wanna to learn everything what i see which related with success stories, especially for their change and influences. However, these parts also make me doesn’t have a goal or purpose, what should i do in the future, when i just improved our qualities in many senses.

And the loneliness moment in disconnected space presents me for thinking deeply, without social media and doesn’t consume internet first, it just be difficult to accept this inevitable consumes. But, our mind truly need a rest to feel an atmosphere of alone. Internet just introduce us how to be confident indirectly in their media. One of my favourite books, ‘Reclaiming conversation’ by Sherry Turkle . her ideas how the most advanced technology that actually disturb our behaviour and the nature of human interactions where it just doesn’t enough to solve anything, especially our conversations, telephone calls or make eye contacts looks like doesn’t be cared our attention, special events promised by traditional fellows doesn’t catch our attention once again. Viral of internet now is our attention.

Distraction doesn’t just disturb our atmosphere’s priorities. Distractions judge our creativity thinking in art become less. Digital age doesn’t promise how quality content should be. Our productivity is threatened by dominances of whose can stand out higher, some dirty strategy to get income in internet, the reasons how spam in everywhere become their arts. Never to wait, what’s kind of perfection might help to present a difference.

As dominances of technology experiences, how do we challenge in their acceptable influences?. How our mind can control them?, not to be controlled. Because, internet, social media and the growth of informations just the beginning. If we’re too override in internet perspective and how do we develop idea more deeply for the big differences and big changes, when those basics just depends on the screen. This is our next question.

Letters of Idea — Kicikku

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Firas Rafislam is tech strategist, designer, instigator in developing tech experience for inner and outer digital biz or business prospective, he’s also passionate discovering idea in design thinking. He was Freelance iOS Developer. Kicikku is his collective experimental ideas and essays platform.

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