The Intersection of Fashion and Technology

“If you want to be original, be ready to be copied” — Coco Chanel

Pattern from Fashion Influences — Kicikku

Why Fashion?, moment of lifestyle and something culture always speak about it. Fashion designers are the players of innovations, they are fully imaginations atmospheres, dreamers, trending maker and also art thinkers. They don’t belong to the proof of culture, they make a new surprises for the culture, without seeing anything.

What if technological innovators are inspired by fashion thinking?, how could that be?. The key of fashion thinking, I would say they might not see what culture need or problem’s today, innovation must be mysterious or adventurous elements to judge it. And also, fashion thinkers are passionately with the elements of art, sometimes not seeing opportunities in commercials, they are brought by their ego in fashion design. That’s why runway season are their judgement probabilities, you know people have different style in every contexts.

Visual Language Technological Building (Inspired by Fashion Thinking) — Kicikku

Now, technological innovators, if they would like to make a big game changes, how should we surprise them, without seeing potentials of business, but there are the new potentials would be there, and also being an authentic firstly, dreamed by your imagination or what kind of activities are you doing today is affected with the new idea.

Vision like simplified with innovation, effectiveness or comfort things, that’s another levels. Sometimes what we think it is ugly, people might call it’s beautiful, this world is full of questions and inconsistency answers, your imagination without circumstances would presents it crucially.

Letters of Idea — Kicikku

Firas Rafislam is tech strategist, designer, instigator in developing tech experience for inner and outer digital biz or business prospective, he’s also passionate discovering idea in design thinking and lastly curator of ideas. He was Freelance iOS Developer. Kicikku is his collective experimental ideas and essays platform.

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