How to Love K-Pop ‘Smartly’?

“You watch the same video, for a long time, but still screaming every time you watch it. ” — K-Pop Fangirl

It’s not strange at all, K-Pop is my inner part of my playful zone. Inspiration such as K-Pop culture which take many perspective on how they are becoming viral in internet continuously. It’s not about beauties at all. K-Pop might as a new creativity revolution by Korean themselves.

Internet is sensitively the playground of entertainment and for Asia playing, K-Pop culture is leading. As a creator of digital age, when you post something with ‘K-Pop’ key, it’s easible to rising your vision depends what you create, K-Pop fans are everywhere, they are devouring it in every images. At least, 2% is the percentage of K-Pop population in internet. Tumblr and Twitter are the main players in social media, but doesn’t mean you have to catch their every moments. My purpose for writing this ‘letter of idea’ this week in K-Pop, how to love K-Pop smartly, getting benefits from K-Pop and produce something inspired by it. SMTOWN just released an beta digital platform, it’s called FanBook, which can share your creations in illustrations or graphics internationally, it’s innovative experience for K-Pop fans.

The next long-term, I believed it’s going to give a new opportunities for K-Pop fans from around the world to take that chance, like remix or cover their songs and share to the public in Soundcloud or Youtube, it’s better than collect their photos wastefully, right?. Or selling their original albums or accessories as reseller, also you might be motivated to make a money to buy a limited edition products. Or another rising dream, you might wonder standing in the big concert stage and ask ‘How does it feel to be K-Pop artist?’. Because of K-Pop, you want to do everything until you get it.

For the aesthetic of K-Pop music, it’s obviously fair in qualities, their songs are extraordinary, pure of K-Pop styles. Some Non K-Pop Listeners mostly are enjoyed with Hip-hop or Drama Soundtrack in K-Pop.

Wait, there are another view here. Story of K-Pop fans always started exciting dramatically with their emotionals, cuteness and expressions. But, please don’t override it and be excessive. Sometimes K-Pop fans lose a principle that face their reality and compared with K-Pop lifestyle, so don’t manipulate your life.

Last, for K-Pop starters. I have recommended music for you, BIGBANG is the best choice for first entry. If you want something from girl band category? Apink is a good one. MAMAMOO is also my another choice, they present a R&B souls.

Letters of Idea — Kicikku

Another graphic

Who’s included: Solar (MAMAMOO), Zico, G-Dragon (BIGBANG), Wendy (Red Velvet), D.O. (EXO), Krystal (F(x)) & Mina (TWICE)

Source Photos: Tumblr

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