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Why The Internet Makes Me Unbalance

I have written productivity issues and it’s still my encouraging to explore it with a connected ideas of the internet. Let’s make it personal and what we have faced today everyday, an unfinished story particularly to write the critical thinking of internet.

Our reflection with an information become unavoidable activity, even though your activity depends on internet for your success, connections, business, but there is a part which can take us where internet define our adventure become lost. Somehow, do you realize it in your everyday of consuming information without an aesthetic of research or we can catch it in scanning, internet critiques called it ‘overload information’. This essay is just emotionally my own thinking in writing of my basic.

So many experts out there were exploring the balance between benefits and junk of internet. And there is one catchy feeling to pitch on my the Internet experience. Excitement, when you have something, when you created something, you are arrogantly exciting for sharing it in the internet, especially in the life of social media. It got my attention. Sometimes, my perfection brainstorms fell in this hole of uncontrollable mind.

Also multitasking world, What my computer presented it is full of multitasking window, Wi-Fi connected and my music player is also opened. Opened my editable document to continue a project, immediately my hand just open Web Browser, after that everything which does have reception was working fully together. Digital infrastructure have obviously manipulated me to do this management working.

In Web Browser, i should open a link or search something what i was planning because of inspirations would be needed, expectation doesn’t meet with that after my hand just comfort my mind with something entertained, the internet is leading for that. Once again, i was wasting my priorities.

A story ended, why the internet makes me unbalance, even though internet can touch my curiosity, but my reflection doesn’t belong to there is magnitude in information system. I assumed i have to get offline first for arranging my research, work and my quality was indicated in my focus too.

— It’s really hurt

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