A Watch Can Just Listen A Podcast

Just idea, not commercial.

My main challenge in this idea, it doesn’t develop with integration of Smartphone. It must be fully analogue concept which people around don’t discover his innovative elements, can listen a podcast.

While you need to take a subscription in every channel, this watch must be connected an embedded software in computer first to fill the podcast feed. Maximum with 10 podcast channels, and those would be updated with built-in connectivity, not quite sure what kind of type in it, Wi-Fi or embedded Nano SIM Card. This might be taking courage in this development. For audio output, it just support with wireless headphone, contain with Bluetooth connection.

If i have a dream as product designer, this product will be my first choice, it’s really simple thought, but a complex personal. It would indicate with aesthetic of vintage concept, it should force our thinking that watch is full of secrets featured, ‘The daily stories behind analogue’. An experience which brings people when they feel lonely and there are recorded stories isn’t consciousness to catch and you will present it as a magical.

If this watch is fully digital interactions, with a dashboard. It just become easier, no adventurous in their mind, there is no conflict stories which their hands can expose by themselves playfully and it should be contrary experience than what we consumed everyday in screen-based devices.

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