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I should realize what reflection need to get response first.

Help my nose — Kicikku

Design relativity, a judge or taste of people, when people sometimes appreciate your elements with a predictable mind. Now, how do we get an unpredictable moment? until they will say ‘what is this?’. Is it our perspective which influenced in many reasons?, Is it our perspective being fear to change a behavior?. What’s the truly innovation out there whose can present a new behavior, full conflict, many risks and the reason of perfection are so confuse in creativity thinking. Now, there is the chance behind the new category is up to your originality.

Design is so complex in our ego, simplified have to show in frontier. As designer, natural means what culture have adapted. Personally, I’m not looking for a foundation in this situation. What’s the point of innovation today doesn’t bring an excuses anymore. However, innovations are presenting with a domination today. Right, small changes need to be first. How do we look openable by the world, are still not unacceptable for you in your heart.

What if creativity is in crisis?

Let’s make a couple probability though. In the process of our natural interaction, there are guidelines here. How do we desire response after look a new object?, famously to answer this question, it’s same as nothing. Now, it’s very different, how people judge our creation and how artists and designers judge our creation. But, our perspective is on normal people. Can we take a little ego firstly? Without perfection of afraid something is in being different, with perfection of judgement in our working dynamically.

I’m writing in absurdity, ego, full imaginative, not seeing what truth faces and not preconceived. It’s my atmosphere, that circulate how our subject and object don’t belong together. It doesn’t form a fellow kind of interview anymore. Object itself never become a mysterious concept, subjects can predict it instantly, what’s the next matter for those objects? I should say this design discussion is more likeable to poetry, if people want to fly on my fantasy. Or, this design writing should be more literature. Not adapted, literature doesn’t enough to form a visual.

Now I’m taking it as universal, even though it’s the first case between our first meet with an innovation today. I’m still believing, there are many artists out there to have the power to dominate in the domination of easy way. Artist is painful person, a little same for designer, painful in commercial world. I’m understanding, in the part of object invention, always followed by an opposable thinking. Preconceptions precisely, Even, most of the cultures hate them. Inside a question ‘How do people really enjoy your art?’. A question that is not sure with an emotions.

Another, it’s about respect.

An ambiguous thing is always be leaved, it’s about their behavioral now they see the world, the story begins for them to be succeeded. How people respect in our thinking is just how do we respect in our thinking firstly. I’m very finding it as difficult to describe this many situations. Because, many design relatively are the small changes, part of small community and beautiful never to be our ending story, even it’s our threaten. Somewhere, culture is the door for many ideas collection. An idea to celebrate each other with an opened voice and accept everything in the different view. If, my thinking are very well-received in this door, design might not have a taste. progressively become philosophical situation.

Now, we should argue what a plan have, a cleaning mixed form without conflict matter is your problem. Creative people don’t want to take that. Creative people are inconsistent in they form. That’s how they can agree a new behavior. Became exciting for developing more about behavior, because of that, design is always following a rule, not against the rule, creativity is in limited condition.

What if I’m still continuing behind questions of ‘what is this?’ in visual perspective. You always take it as a circle if that’s perfect. Circle in a perfect shape doesn’t get many questions. Circle in a perfect shape doesn’t show a hint many possibilities idea. ‘What is this?’ is the first question to realize every accident the designers must have made it.

You dramatically want to explain those unexpected elements in their curiosity. More interview, questioning and answering to notice the impact. Not the first of process in consumption clearly, very different. When you see something new, immediately you use that without any circumstances, not truly innovation. When you see something new exceptional, how confused your eyes to use it, immediately a question is appeared, that’s a truly innovation. Something that doesn’t be discovered easily.

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