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I’m learning from the culture of blogging, thanks internet. Otherwise, I’m learning too how to be a storyteller from my writing. Once again, internet made me curious for the next journey in everything what i want to learn.

Although, it’s very new experience for me, I’m beginning to be more enjoyable for this writing. Blogging always try me to distract a freedom, I should learn something new, if I should learn about design, there must be something impossible which i can catch, with blogging. Even, it’s preconception and annoying.

This is the modern era where the world is hard to catch what’s going on in their complexity, even we are opened to see it. A little journey in the piece of writing where my imagination tried to participate, that’s how writing a blog is also my invention. When I realize idea is not wildly belonging to our creativity, my blog can keep a record for that until I can be hard-worker to become reality.

If you want to explore the heart of blogging, Steve Pavlina Blog is my first choice. His influence for people get writing a blog is remarkable. Every blogger, every writer in the internet never say badly about blogging. It’s definitely the new door for storytellers, thinkers, innovators or artists and for everybody, for what you care.

Letters of Idea — Kicikku

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