What If Creativity Is In Crisis?

Dominion Is in your position, what we feel in our atmosphere, what we want to present is in our social, success or failure is our learning. These are our inner life interaction.

I’m taking this to the field of technology. In a consciousness from creation of human. It shouldn’t take it to the field

Even though, internet wants us get meditation. It surrounds us, it just came from the basic of idea, connecting between everywhere and everything.

Then, analytic of data are consuming how we face the culture, inconsistent then scanning what innovation want to participate in every context’s problem. They are describing it with any kind of theory’s situation. Without any representation to show the path. This is belonging to creativity is in crisis.

More than an idea, more than a management. But, the inner of questions to show your perspective. That’s why, art is matter, behind the emotion or behind the expression. It’s disposition how tasteful your enjoyable from art, depends on the how artists maintain it. Forget about the art first, it’s not a priority at all.

Let’s get a distribution of knowledge while, I’m very confident how an innovation changes how an education system works, freedom of sharing like ‘Open Source’ community. In the meaning time, our human specialization with their curiosity skill, even though curator of knowledge delivers a participation to share in it, how many do users highlight it?. Digital taught us a mixed inspirations, without a perception to ourselves for the long-term.

Another, the rising of ‘a printed matter’, independent and many famous publishers are voicing again their culture. They are more touchable and proud with a paper. Digital might be just a temporary expression, there is no small moments to smell it and a truly reflection.


We entered their playground, we enjoy their experiences, we didn’t judge their circumstances. Creativity is in rich, while we accepted every experiments without attention of credibility. We are so pleased by them, I’m not provided by data, I just want to participate with my imagination, direct from a manipulation. Because idea in business is flat with the difference of competition stories, but surround us with a game strategy, driving with a motivation. But, there is one reason to arrange the quality, how culture’s ecosystem read their emotion and uncomfortable decision taking for uniqueness. Creativity is in success when mystery from commercial is solved in many personalized, Creativity is in crisis when culture’s subjects underestimated their objects.

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Letters of Idea — Kicikku

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