The Power of Pink

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When Color is about a storytelling, Pink is one of my choices from the color. It depends on my experience, when I first drew in graphic design, Pink is the playful elements to get experiments with my objects, it’s really fresh in my vision. That’s how my first impression in Pink, between orange and red, there are probability of pinks and distraction of purple. And I’m getting serious with this journey in the elements of pink.

This color is behavioral with a curious of culture, presented famously with a style. This case doesn’t belong anymore to that, Pink become a risk to get something new taste for disconnected subjects first that, this color is a kind of milky of red and also how we replace the orange if it doesn’t with your smoothness. So Pink is the new solution, it’s modern color, remixed elements, but not every perspective can accept that.

Basically, this color just belong to unfair dominances. Then, once again Culture is the main role for this things. I’m very precise how our interaction and social seekers are seeing the new influences for that. It’s not about inevitable, Pink is the new learning for accepting a new visual for your consuming, it’s discomforting your mind and how your friends accepted that. Today fashion industry changed their mind to put a pink elements in men’s category. It’s just an experiment to accept everything. Like another color, they are famous in their behavior. Sometimes It’s weird when you use a misconceptions style in front of your social. Our social might not presented with those concepts, this is just a brought by fellow influences.

Pink is as a little in natural, very manipulative results, it’s imperfect result what does element tried to finish in their process. Temporary, but a catchy color. It does too belonging to what a nature and his atmosphere want to appreciate the truly beautiful, that’s how Pink works in the perfect of view. The modern era is also bringing a pink things to an innovation driven. A kind of fresh, it’s time to see a new difference.

Letters of Idea — Kicikku

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