Innovation Depends What You Feel in your behaviour

His relative, design should take us a world of mystery, train our mind with logical feeling, but creating with creativity breathing.

Then, the culture speaks up literally in their freedom mouth each other, for getting in to the new behavior.

If it does belonging to a critique, it’s should not a constants. In my owns from absurdity, there is no a sure thing for experiencing in social innovations, influencing each other that enjoyable in every culture’s style, can answer it your truly impact.

There is no ending story for this adventure, if your creation doesn’t belong to his culture, even merged in one layers. Pointing on purposes, act of strategies needed to be maintain from it. Should we take another approaching of experiments in it? Your welcomed for our culture for them.

I’m curious with a culture from Japan, a basic one, walking around in their regions, naturally or something behavior. Something strange for me, even this highly advanced technology from them what they have built as a new experience, Japan is tasteless with it, it’s something hardly need to put with a peace atmosphere. Now, it’s like a rejection of innovation, sometimes technology have brought us to a new exciting, from his marketing. In the seas of information and almost overloaded, in this case, People of Japan especially fellow generations and his village are not sensitive with an innovation which consume us everyday, it should define what’s wrong in our term of innovation, for another productivities.

That’s why social innovation is matter, which one of view in this social innovation?, continuously that doesn’t care about the next sequences, or similar the new technology, fixable, and a little emotion after finished it, approaching like a vintage ones. It’s caring inside and outside of ecosystem until the heart of people.

How about the process from the inside of social innovation? an adventure begins with retouching his a culture, what kind of discussion indirectly you have heard that need to be form of ideas, how can we influence them as innovators, designer, even artist?, that’s more than a creativity challenge, however ‘personality crowded’ which I can present it. Lastly communication, listening and understanding are your tools, for commanding.

Writing on this presents me to the abstract in his process, full of questions is matter and unanswered precisely is fair way to learning from everyone, also included in social innovation making. But, what if I’m reifying to the hard one in action, comfortable zone, crowded which so little to take a risk. This is our adventure begins.

Revision: Changing article from ‘The Adventure of Social Innovation Making’ to ‘Innovation Depends What you feel in your behaviour’

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