The Monocle Guide to Good Business

“It shows them that they are free to create and innovate”


A refreshing milk from one farmer in your village that delivers quality products in your first door, ‘tock tock’, It’s time to consume a daily resource for our family, with an excitement from every members in his society, take in to his kitchen and share with everybody, smile in the last discussion for beginning day, and those milk have enough left for some cats to in rear houses and enjoy hopefully without leaving those refreshing.

Guide to good business from Monocle’s view doesn’t belong to digital exploration or strategy that promised high profits every months, It’s just a sense of simplicity changed a small things and culture feel the worth and pick their values from them. And bringing to the next levels today with our modernity in every single process in your business, from how to begin, relieved with the issues, designing brand and logo, management business, packaging products, workspace and offices concept, even styles which would affect your business image.

Monocle have experienced on collected the stories from around the world, The Monocle Guide to Good Business wanna exploit their moments and driving your heart as aspirational advice in your business, no matter what would you create, innovate and commercialize on it.

Behind the rare from what you make on there, your hands are born masterfully to present a value to another hands in every trade, You should sensitive in his emotion’s reflection, that’s . Between sellers and buyers, your creation will lend in hands can be matter for them to be proud of using on it and enjoyable for them.

It’s one of my summaries from their selected essays, His purposes developed a sense of communities for your cities, family-generations or starting from discussion with your friends, business actually is in everywhere, now let’s perform in your visibility.

Never skip a thought from creativity, Monocle wouldn’t never pass if creativity isn’t one of his principles, my first impressions on one of the visual collections from Monocle, It’s time starting a business in remarkable ways. I noticed Monocle’s perspective wanna your adventures like small moment from serving a cup of coffee every morning with simplified and high credibility on your brand and smiles finished the ending moments for there. That’s all, classical history of business’s atmosphere. I realized Monocle doesn’t force us in seeing the potentials, let’s culture’s eyes see our first competitions.

In the middle pages, I interested from essay from Aisha Speirs from the rising of craft and traditional skills or conventional business in around your streets, step-by-step developed creativity economies, furthermore case studies on his writing mentioned a city from Indonesia, Bandung, where entrepreneurship and producing craft and handmade industries are educated more, developing Bandung’s infrastructure with creative economies. Also essay by Andrew Tuck, ‘Cities used to be places where people made things’, everything on this book, be part of communities on It.

My progressive feelings on this guided business, I have desired selling an art and imagined his aesthetics how can I put on there in my canvas, keeping loyalties with them, put beautiful things on their personality, antique where they want to keep in their rooms, listening a vinyl which bought from recommended your friend, so many professions out there that would share in happiness.

If you’re in lost are too over-thinking in your executions, The Monocle Guide to Good Business really guide in every process, as example case from inspirational learning in Japanese Brand designing and his packaging products, How can we learn from they managed the qualities and explore the nature of his process?.

Every spots from around the world might be differences in his habits, same concepts might not match in your long-term for the future, at least your business should try first for your first journey after people judge on them.

Every detailed elements on there is importance, small advices you would found can influences you from than what you expected, simplified thinking and clear messages could promise your instincts would work on there, just put it in your place, obsessions from data, just pass it.

It’s available on Kicikku Store and Kicikku Store’s Tokopedia (For Indonesian).

— Kicikku Store Journal

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