The Monocle Guide to Drinking and Dining

“It is important for us that children learn to appreciate food with great taste, to make new memories..”

Another series of Monocle, guiding to drinking and dining, what would I introduce is just smile everywhere and happiness, starting from food and beverages characters, the narration would begin after produced from freshness elements, immediately delivered to your kitchen and dishes are served in your tablet, performed well, Bon appetit!

I’m discovering many food markets moments on there, those stories that related on social and a sense of communities. Satisfied customers after seeing their smile, fresh ingredients from local producers, between friends and family, collaborated to develop a small store on conventional markets. Everyone are holding their tongue for delighting visual feast in their first impressions.

Chefs have own list before beginning on restaurants, culture are so agreeable how food can change naturally on our social view. So, If differential perspective wants to develop social innovation, let’s serve a food and drink, tell me what’s going on around, coffee makes us feel better on negotiation business, exposing more ideas, fruit and juice feel fresh inside our bodies. This is how simplicity defined a happiness.

The Monocle Guide to Drinking & Dining — Kicikku Store

Monocle have adapted a food culture from around the world, every processes and categorized in these contemporary elements. Mixed thinking and driving creativity which openable from around the world, brought to the emerging markets and food commercials to the new era and I might said Monocle have focused on there. From food markets, ingredients or bakery retailers and Restaurateurs, I have found so many stories out there where their important are just learning each other and communities,

Learning indirectly are in social experiences, every family, group or friends gather in one table, some would be affected by liquidated of their meals and sharing each other what’s the matter, and the good parts they would be speaking on what’s inside on the dishes, curiosity made us to learning on that, recipes in every hand. Now It’s yours, to be playing.

So how is It in that process, another one for communities, One of Food Markets in Helsinki, Vanha Kauppahali, supported each other from the new ones and keep the big ones for encouraging on it. No matter what you served, dining and drinking, that’s a conclusion you need to catch on. And also connected to food’s culture today, styling and taste are the new mystery which developing this business.

Selected essays surprised me many interactions. Being alone on restaurant is a sign of bad luck attracting in Thailand. With those, there are no error situations, at least your curiosity on this guide can show you more on attitudes for food, appreciate in, judging well, experiencing the habit from another side and prepared for facing it.

“Think cotton tablecloths that still adorn classic institutions (and kitchen tables) are a labour of love. They’re a sign of caring, restorative approach to meals — a signal that adumbrates a well-considered cuisine” — Covered in glory, by Sophie Grove

Monocle is succeeded with visual photography, beside innovations today. Art and design advised them driving a new journey on food & beverages. There are remarkable ideas everywhere in our youth rising today, although their grandmother recipes are the basic ones. But these process are passionately the playground on kitchen, from traditional manufacturing until designing brand and packaging or the canvas of plate and glasses. Those are serious business when are needed everyday. The key just came from ‘sharing smile’ wanna be looked happy, not to be standing from many competitions today, ego doesn’t match with this culture, that’s how food taught us about humanity and his care, impacted from delightfully elements.

“Comfort foods are your faithful friends when you’re feeling blue; they have healing powers to mend broken hearts, put a smile on your face and ignite a warmth in your belly”. — Nostalgic Nourishment, by Alicia Kirby

I’m still wild on this review, without journey on this experiences, there are no deep stories on there to discussed. Beginning, Monocle have adapted me to food industry, especially his ‘introduction’ from different cultures, and detailed steps from inspirational producers presented me breakthrough this opportunity, food world is still untouchable on my adventures, however I can see little how your local, including me, can innovate food industry and how these changed improved in your around, participation helping each others are my entrepreneurs thinking on food industry”.

It’s available Kicikku Store’s Tokopedia for Indonesian only, also available review Monocle Guide on Good Business

— Kicikku Store Journal

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