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A History of the Rag & Bone Shop of the Heart, “I’m tired of people saying they don’t have time to read. I don’t have anything for else!”

I hope I can go to Paris to visit this remarkable bookshop one day, maybe looking for selected essays or mystery stories and buy one or two with his modern packaging when I visited his website, and stamped on my orders after purchase them. A little experience that I need to leave on Shakespeare and Company.

Every curiosity discover have been visiting Shakespeare and Company everyday, this is where for them to matched each other in social or introduced another, meet some new friends whose love thinking keeps, intellectual and imagination in the child sessions and mature whose love literature passionately.

Those are books, playing with words, impact on influences, a kind of motivations, relaxed after friends on character same with your situations, somehow it’s depending what’s next for you, without needing anything, just required pen, pencil, paper and typewriter in front of you, and drafts are unmanageable have noticed you’re so wildly them with ideas.

“I’m tired of people saying they don’t have time to read. I don’t have time for anything else!” — George Whitman

Shakespeare and Company: A History of the Rag & Bone Shop of the Heart — Kicikku

Started years by Sylvia Beach, seeing world just from the words, she with Shakespeare and Company brought small bookstore to the creativity atmosphere for writers and many artists, including Ernest Hemingway the famous one whose have friendship with Sylvia. Not too far, Sylvia have decided to close after many facing problems on war affected on her journeys. Not ending story out there, a man whose love business book trading just landed on Paris and dreamed about bookstore in this ‘light of the city’, famous name of Paris, his name George Whitman whose collected many books in his stays before start the bookshop, his experiences on books trading have decided his long term to start a bookstore and discovered a building Shakespeare and Company after closed, make a friend with Sylvia Beach, they’re each other have advised and gather communities to rising the potentials artisans, from traveller around the world whose have passed this bookstore, especially if they’re love writings.

“He’s a saint, lives on nothing, gives shelter to everybody. Helps young poets, too, but he’s very poor. Someone should do something for him. His only income came from books.” — Allen Ginsberg

Story goes continued, so many culture in Paris have judged Shakespeare and Co. in his power standing up in unexpected problems whose attacked, George Whitman in his sincerity, also friends and tumbleweeds which supported him, have brought the openness for readers enjoyed well in their mind, when language and words are tried fallen in love with you.

Where this culture progressively is forgotten in business performed, what am I interested is how George even didn’t want to sell some books to their customers, and moved in to his private, He almost cared for people whose just curious to read and recommended them the good ones with their styles, also Shakespeare and Co. didn’t think about revenues or crisis plan, I noticed George also realized where their customers mostly didn’t have a money to buy his book. Another simplified experience to serve his readers.

I should take such aspirations from George Whitman in my online bookstore, Kicikku Store. With my connections on Internet, How can I develop my Kicikku Store to the sense of communities and gather artists, designers and many more to rich ideas, and helping each other?.

George Whitman brought me back to the basics one. Eating, reading, drinking and writing, additional a cup of coffee or tea, snacks for my energy. Or gardening and excersizing. Those would made me the transformation and change of the world today, informations where it’s in the catch fastly today, limitless also can judge me to the short-term for my future. Innovations today what I have learned doesn’t teach me to dream my future from my feelings, Now everyone just obsessed to catch a success stories and money pointings.

For the ending sections, a new generation born from George’s daughter, Sylvia Whitman, she have been modernizing Shakespeare And Co., a need to be changed until now. This book gonna brought to you how complexity and complicated stories you would be part from those moments, A bookstore whose impact in every matters.

From Sylvia Beach, George Whitman to Sylvia Whitman, Books are the main ingredients for his social innovation in Paris, including around the world and travellers enjoyed on it. Tumbleweeds are written everyday or weekdays as the eyes of Shakespare And Co. have curated to completed them ‘a History of the Rag & Bone Shop of the Heart’.

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