Jean Jullien: Modern Life

“trying to understand the world I live in by documenting it and theorising about it with humour and humility.”


A story where you discovered what’s moments on there. Jean Jullien with his creations are showing the modern life today and our habits in this 21st century, you wouldn’t surprised today with our behaviour what you did everyday weekdays, every page with one subjects and another objects would understand you, this is what you have done with the daily activities.

Especially the era of Smartphone and Internet, those are big ideas from Jean Jullien illustrations, You would see as positive feedback in your life or not, depending what’s your modern life today. Is it fulfill enough our happiness long time. These cartoons are mirroring what we did and would we do.

Beyond the explanations, Jean Jullien have consumed enough draw with a humanity and culture, from his view to imaginations, between works are considerable focus on storytelling in our mind, seeing them would our visual plays lied in those creations. How predictable it is, and evidences by the facts which is collected. A common illustrations are born to be visual narrative, more gorgeous if there are livings have did something adorable in one space. Or catchy, asking by ourselves, why did this illustrator got ideas on our life today?, even small detailed which never be unexpected are discovered by them and made us understandable what illustrator did.

For maniac cartoons, gonna lovely this graphic comedy in your hands right away, Jean introduced us the moments beside a story, are more magical than complexity on drawing. Could be a minimal, in his vision and the thoughts, ‘in a playful way of everything’. This art is fun on his passions, the process begin with looked around him, graphics are another approaching to influence people, and It might get an impact for that. Like another artists, another media of communications, making an art purposively.

We’re smiling, surprised, how variation our life It is, good or bad, this is how our experience did today. Jean Jullien brought our emotions and expose our expressions in every creations, and It succeeded.

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