Architecture and Representation: The Arab City

“Architecture belongs to a moment, a culture and a places. It is a form of dialogue.”

Historical and imaginative figures of middle east is recorded in this book. Selected experts of architecture have adapted challenge every urban planner and projects, especially in the definition of context.
I’m still very new on this field, also focused on Arab Nations, complexity on my mind just want to be cleared, How architecture are so visible if It’s related to the culture sensitivity.

The Arab City: Architecture and Representation

And Arab Nations are remarkable cases for this thinking. The sands element and invariability in the culture, a conceptual thinking, trading business is participated well also, the risk by approachable war or political stages, Those performances relieved unexpected case for the situation of architectural process, that’s why conflicting availability for residents and civilants now are protected by the parts of design, Architecture is the new way might be for neutralizing the conditions, quietly improving and clearing the right answers.

Arab City: Architecture and Representation is celebrated work, a kind of conclusion, not only philosophical judging in their statements, selected essays where learning between fail and success in their representative.

You would discover those creativity from Middle-East and Arab Nations took for the stability until today. United Arab Emirates just a small village before brought of the desserts, now the vision and ambitions by Sheik Shakbut is presented one of richer country in Middle East. The Modernity as famous as credibility from Arab Nations, leading competitive globalization, and the big effect where Architecture is to be challenged on this situation.

Another ones, from Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Have changed enough his capitalism identity because of Architecture. Their representation works also presented in the kind of Architecture Exhibition experiments, Venice Architecture Biennale, 2014. Building a spaces and monuments might reflect those development, but instability might diverse the mystery why architecture want to participate in a storytelling of narrative.

The Arab City: Architecture and Representation

An progressive stories, between constructive and destructive mirrors, where some radicals role have dominated the situations of Arab Nations, took Architect deliver in the view of social transformation and expected good living. Aesthetic is forgotten, but communities approached to help architectural elements.

“Like the ‘Arab Street’, a foreign policy term now used as shorthand to describe popular Arab sentiment, the ‘Arab City’ appears perpetually aggrieved and inflamed. Undoubtedly, the fact that Arab identity, Arab cities and Arab streets are constituted as certain kinds of problems, ones that command public interest, invite debate, and are worthy of discussion, cannot be separated from the multifarious geopolitical investments in the region.”

Without them, an influences and change participatory from citizenship can’t stand the power of architecture, also relative with another design approach. Different cases in every countries never passed without social change and political leading. It’s for another side on these countries, Doesn’t mean modernize Arab Nations are selfishness in probably to develop across globalizations, including UAE, Qatar, Bahrain?, Are effectively maintained the game?, architectural one of the new form to push beyond the middle-east in front of the world, Is this a good progress for them?

The new level of those countries are readable luxuries required, but wanna looked minimum and nature. Architecture relates these situations how they perceived focusing on specifics-context, What a conclusion from The Louvre Abu Dhabi which is presented to the variations pattern, wittingly, contextual and conceptual are fundamentally from the first identity.

It realized me, Architecture isn’t just an art of building, the new nature of communication, not so far to the experiencing design attracted in around, preferably to authentic building and authoritative governance. Somehow, this requiring progressively is a little override of unbalanced in his culture.

The interview sessions by Amale Andraos, gathering idealism, conculsive between question and answers, especially the process. Not so far beginning with the historical around, habit, magnificent to see truly meaning in their elements. It’s the stairs where their selections, not just to be exceptional, but architecture is the place of journey on every emotional.

Arab Nations adapted well and so visible with those impacts. And modernization have affected those contexts became hidden between good and bad impacts.

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