Where They Create : Japan

“I like to initiate projects myself and get things rolling rather than always being goaded to do certain work before a deadline” — Kenya Hara

Kenya Hara, Graphic Designer — Where They Create: Japan

Thank You Paul, your new book have guided me discover creative people around Japan. Where They Create, the stories which artists, designers and more tell their process and works, added photograph from Paul Barbera and his interview with them.

Simple, enough and aspirational. This is for you whose love a culture of Japan. Most of them believed in his abstract, art is changing their perspective, without the noise from complicated world. I noticed in their daily, they are conventional in his space, technology is just the basic part, not for driving ideas.

“They are not obsessed with things, The younger generation is obsessed with having extraordinary experiences, like visiting a remote village to show one’s status.” — Rhino, HOUYHNHNM

Paul photographed detailed things in one space, you might see how artists collected toys in private museum, gardening flower and plant, a homemade coffee energize a mentality, and hobby that affects their works, or abandoned works are not always a sign of fail, somehow it would be another progress. And magical. Every personality is read to visible the atmosphere, I think it’s the experience what Paul want to expect.

Where They Create: Japan

I can see why many designers design his environment with big round table, sketching possible ideas in papers and you didn’t care which inspirations just pass on it, then designers might gather with his employees, partners and clients to discuss, boiled up with community experienced. Beside that, large bookcase whose presented the ammunition of doors to another culture. I’m dreaming, How can I get the studio, office like those? Networking with clients and share happiness with customers and attracted friends. Paul Barbera just got advised me to bring me this creativity living.

Between artists, Paul Barbera sensed more in their workspace, It’s about a space, feeling and how productivity affects them. And he conclude those situations to show what’s inside on it.

“This physical process of writing down what comes to mind is important in my creation process.” — Anrealage

My favourite is trying matched with them on personality, including Kenya Hara, editorial press and fashion brand from Rhino, creative lab by Japanese on New York named Party, wanna curious how they begin their work, facing the unexpected conditions, building a community and relaxing for the moments, even preparing morning.

Every interviews, Paul Barbera began questioning the reason place of their workspace, It described related how those artists began their career. Not only book, you can see more on his website, wheretheycreate.com.

It would be available on Kicikku Store and Kicikku Store’s Tokopedia.

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