Louis Vuitton Dilemmas?, Topic’s Storytelling, Design on Politics by Offshore

First, I’m collecting links to make it easier for you, It’s also interesting to have a discussion from around the internet,

and references What I have seen in the past and the future possibility. Louis Vuitton is catching my eyes today from Bloomberg, and also another breakthrough of stories from The Intercept Parent’s company, now Politics is also the field for explatory from design. And another arguing from social media to reform your digital strategy, huh.

Vuitton Knows Fashion Is Money Pit – and Keeps Throwing Money It – Src: Bloomberg Businessweek

Between brands and profit risk, That’s a challenge Louis Vuitton his decisions gaming, Bloomberg Businessweek expands this fashion high-profit leading, after his popularity is rising with Supreme for Hypebeast Base, Louis Vuitton imagining their brand is more aesthetics atmosphere on his fashion runway.

His parent company, LVMH have decided long ago from Luxe.TV source, on E-Commerce strategy, 24 Sevres, transformation digital also their attentions while social media era is becoming sensitive on fashion perspectives. Nice to prefer on me, I might say whose business are on ‘Art X Commerce’, doesn’t mean creativity is proved success without the data behaviours, Fashion is adaptive on this. Even I might say, Louis Vuitton is highly brand on his history, the problems where Louis Vuitton in his luxury elements, see the destructive between private collections and ready-to-wear catalogues.

Independent Storytelling from The Intercept’s Parent, Topic

I visited parent company of The Intercept, First Media, I curious how they develop this journalistic platform, his website is boom, quality noticed, full of illustrations, videos and collected in every issues. I can’t began, which should I read first. From the powerful and passionate women and video comics from The Nib, affects The politics heating today and deep culture exposed. This is an inspirations for digital storytelling, Not only wasting times for media art or something, seeing them as values and passed common way business models on publication.

It’s still new, impress your first.

Influence on design for Politics, by Offshore, based Swiss Graphic Design

How can design approach politics?, It’s new on me by the way. Ya, design is one of the visual communication, It can discover the ability of influencing, Design could attract it. This field came to me, from Offshore Studio, I got his Instagram coincidence, within his process. From Switzerland, now their projects are working on Independent Magazine, Journal, data informations and analytics in International Relations. His design is truly exceptional what I always found on another side, classical, manipulated on mystery, trapped on his own small game. Well, politics is judging it. I might see their works, is classical, before centuries views, vintage concepts, but predicting the politics.

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