A Little Journey in Bandung

Lucky you, got impacts on Bandung.

Long time not to discover this creative district city on West Java, a significant change on there is more gaining on me to curious on their communities and also passions of commerce.

Sorry, there is no good photo in this post.

With my family, from Thursday, 21 September 2017 arrived in Cihamplas, I also feel this complicated city, never took me to the chance of standing out, learning how this culture on business interactions also creativity could make a significant city than the others. Ya, my father just bought a book ‘Indonesia Design’ on Bandung issues, good guidance for me, seeing local creative marketplace and progress from Startup of Design Firm on Bandung.

Walking around the Ciwalk, seen the youth with millenials trending style today and grab a espresso first, refreshed the energy fall friday night, then enjoyed the Cheese Tart with Japanese style branding, crowded and observed there are street sellers succeeded sold arrow traditional weapons to foreign travelers.

Next saturday Morning, I have required to get impressed by traffic Jam in everywhere, most Taxi Drivers got this priority after ‘Asia Afrika’ until ‘Braga’ served culinary events for one day, but I didn’t visit it.

Most important in this little journey, I impressed from Ny. Liem Food Industry (Jalan Narifan , his home also ‘Patisserie’ storefront besides with his husband as a doctor, this store really inspired me, how this commerce got magnificient impression on Bandung, delighful for Bandung’s people to enjoy richness taste of Ny. Liem, always, maybe vintage moment on there, so am I, motivated buy many cakes on there, quality matched with his price.

Not enough time for this journey, that’s why a little. I also arrived in Factory Outlet Rumah Mode, a Fashion District, many confusion brands. The price is surprising me for a famous one. I’m glad, Bandung can approach me to the Fashion, worthy and feel being impacted.

Exhausting on me, there is no visual moments on this post, I need longer day to photographed those, because I required enjoying the first impression matters.

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