What Is Attention Economy?

‘Internet made me famous, I would like to travel around the world, made people trust, made my followers join business with me, made me go virals.’

A mindset machine which is triggering the data into a money, deconstruct a competitor with his idea, even too ambitious into monopoly goes to be the monster, where history couldn’t rewrite which superheroes for the next opportunity on there.

Then, data turns the game on,

You’re users in one of the platforms, especially creative media, As creator it forces you turn your creations into his place. Then you compete with anothers, same categories, It can be an enemy, It can be a community, watch your steps until not argues with anothers. And Attention Economy’s role loved watching this, because you have proved an agreement with the platform.

Education which there is an process behind the artistic of success, learned to control an emotions and discipline. Now, It sinks to promises of data. There is no real social anymore. I’m also sinking.

Far from realities, not the real contact. Always promised us to effectiveness and simplified. Not the risk, discomfortation, and decision own making. Attention Economy played well roll artistic side of humanity, after a space of data cut your focuses.

Control your browser right now, not the data controls you. Use your intellectuals which quality and junk contents, and find the smart experience than social media advertising investment. benefited to be a part of community.

Patience, control the ego, create more than before, either success or fails, show the world and what’s yours, being good listeners, until you can generate the attention economy.

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