More Than ‘Enough’, What’s Our Modern Culture Wants?

Is there any minimals for tech companies?

I might say this question is just matched with retail of small store in limited areas, selling art books for separate communities, ask consumers for another updates, a pencil and new paper for additional gifts, that’s it my retail questions indicated.

I watched TV Show Seinfeld recently, It inspired me shaping my realities, that Sitcom stories are just a life culture from New York City’s best friends, without tech stuff, phone call and voice recorded.

Now I’m going hard to conventional business, retail thinking, money might have promised us for opportunities, high profits always, assumed I have those advanced knowledge, but am I being me?

Look Alibaba revenues, Singapore TV News on Friday’s morning mentioned it ‘Outstanding’ earning in his Q3. Idealism nerds are trying to dominate everything, Success isn’t his limit, does tech companies made for destroy our civilization, made our thinking became is in control.

My story, now I’m so hard earning from primarily on Internet, basics on programming, is required too discomfort my adventure, and now I became iOS Developer. Well if I’m going to be realistic, I assumed have a bookstore, crazy between an idea and artistic ways, not too much what can I showing to people, but It might forgotten about us. Once again, selling an ideas. Reason I blog here.

What tech companies I learned is consuming our personal issues. Distractions, ruin the relationships, too many watch streaming contents, less reading books, write something, by the way I love podcasts things. Social media abused and fake news are spreading everywhere, unfinished stories on this discussion, big realisation for regulators. Now We hope this speculation can solve many issues, after your girlfriend started not listens to you, turn to lovely Smartphone.

I became sensitive with those experiences, these digital designers argue they just took it as nature as long as it called an innovation. Isn’t fair enough, challenging only money, with a obsession of technology, what kind of discussion here when matter of humanity?. Every tech companies, especially a ‘big’ ones, always promised us to the humanity. How does it proof it?, they always trigger our curious minds, in stupidity and viral contents, which you always enjoyed those consumptions, until your mom force you getting bath.

So I’m still in minimum sessions, writing blog, is just enough capacity to discuss my view, Is it overriding If I made an app that include a humanity, there is no profit on there, It’s requiring a dirty idea, like a private app fasten with Passcode to protect your satisfaction contents, your ex-s, porn, so there are no one will touch this app, and this expected app would go make a high profit on there, I’m glad would to try one. Once again, you trigger his brain became rats of junk.

My favourite essay from Andrew Sullivan,

Has our enslavement to dopamine – to the instant hits of validation that come with a well-crafted tweet or snapchat streak – made us happier? I suspect it has simply made us less unhappy, or rather less aware of our unhappiness, and that our phones are merely new and powerful antidepressants of non-pharmaceutical variety.

Andrew Sullivan was success blogger until 2016, now he quits from that success, he realized this is too far from ‘enough’, he goes back to what should he do in nature, What did he do most hours is in Laptop, writing news for the first, scanning, curate links, comments for readers, never care his around reality. Now, he decided going back to enjoy a landscape view. It’s matter. He concerns a rising of smartphones, means destruction on nature languages, that another words from me to explain his long essay,

Because our personal much enjoyed with their contents feed, no little appreciations to meet strangers in Starbucks, wouldn’t get easy after you discomfort yourself, there is no eye contact, not see beautiful eyes from elegance women,

Maybe you’re woman too enjoyed with selfies and find a fake charming for his followers, no intellegence and passionate atmosphere anymore.

Camera-taking for the cup of Espresson, challenge it no-sugar, wants an attentions, those emotions are uncontrollable.

If Those cafe made based offline, I can arrange where social interaction is more eficient than what you made dead eyes from the screen. Should we learn this context again?

Even this Silicon valley star stand out his miniature speech on Twitter,

Data have fallen our youth culture, my youth culture. They dominate because of popularization candidates, after Instagram and social media appeared, you didn’t encourage yourself to go undercovers.

See, It’s a see through when you describe yourself in creative Industry, professionals wouldn’t search on Google, they have many references on unexpected sites, from Books or subscription Mail-based, some firms’s name. Not searching through ‘Most Popular Graphic Design 2017’. It’s amateur have, Learners doesn’t belong to that.

I’m not going to flip-flap of modern culture, But I encourage readers to reflect themselves, immune your relationship, control the emotions <- hard for introverts, being open-minded, relax your body and find the best friends for your life. Because, technology what we enjoyed and found mostly on personal experiences.

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