Play Visual Language of iPhone X

I see iPhone X is affecting more on digital brand, It means more opportunity to make these customers base purchase something from you. Started with design your first digital product.

iPhone X much more on credibility, force you began respect with a quality, even though investment is hard together on design also code. Your motivation must begin.

We discussed about visual languages of iPhone X, I should prefers to analyze his emotionals.

In this case, I’m prototyping own fashion marketplace App, screen-based retail to fire his passion. Key’s design apps today, while focused on contents, also needs a trigger without force-quit from multi-tasking views, those purposes included speed, credibility and encourage users consistent with our app.

Next, It’s gotta be on story there. Because app is forming a storytelling without your customer service, your word and others are these conversations.

Perhaps, if contents are leading these ways, should they misleads visual codes. Nothing at all, after all every aspects are firing each other. My case used between black and yellow, SF UI Font from Apple, not anymore, expect red button to action customers do buy something, ‘check out’ button.

In Instagram UI without anything than used black and white background colors, rest of design followed by photo’s users.

A Design started in fashion marketplace branding app, inspired by App Store layout or Apple Music app, App Store and Apple Music focused on contents, contents plays with his common plain, made his nature looked defaults for iOS 11. iPhone X have challenged to you obsessed the brand, reminds me how VSCO branded in his design research, into jealousy with them.

First quote from Apple which includes everything design’s rule for iPhone X,

When designing for iPhone X, you must ensure that layouts fill the screen and aren’t obscured by the device’s rounded corners, its sensor housing, or the indicator for accessing the Home screen.


That’s why we have a rule of ‘Safe Area Layout Guide’, If you’re iOS Designers which have played with the latest version of Xcode, there is automatic line when you positioned your elements to end canvas in Storyboard, that line is safe area limit.

More Contents in First Impressions


iPhone X, surely rich for users could see entire contents in one view, without much scrolling, first time launching an app designer have to surpise in influenced ways, even for retails, that’s one of the sales strategy. Besides that, contents are also indicating values and times users consuming, social media platform redirect you to do it again, users want to goes back again and again, and addictive.

‘Prefers Large Title’ is Must-Try Experiment for Typography

Being friends with family ‘SF UI Display’ fonts.

Assuming, it required to research an influential ways. Using San Fransico Fonts, Own generation of Helvetica Neue by Apple. If i would advertised this app only with typography, and the main slogan is ‘It’s All About Money’, San Fransisco fonts should power me, how much the effects users why fashion lovers need to download this app.


design an advertising with San Fransisco Font

Perhaps, It’s nothing, If our typography doesn’t get interaction with others elements, I hope It’s not dead for users experienced it, that’s why contents are priority here, my case is enough perfect, fashion is everyday consuming, added with famous brands, users would have smell an atmosphere, this app is guidance of fashion and hype trending.

Then, iPhone X looks good with configured ‘Prefers large title’, a new navigation component in iOS 11, It shows for the priority and featured behaviour elements. In my case, I looked confident to design this fashion app in ‘Semi-bold’ and Bold’ San Fransico Font. Today’s default Apps from iOS 11, took a chance of large title.

Being Natural in Notch’s Rule


In the top front of your iPhone X, centered a sensoring house, Apple said, there are also two little spaces which fill status bar indicators there. Apple recommends it should just naturally fill your base app view without cut your view. So, it’s being friendly with another apps.

And… Why Apple worries you about Content Aspect Size.

If you understanding this notch, you should also follows the beauty of adaptation content. How every pictures or videos when you tap twice after the status bar is hidden, still being a little aesthetics in iPhone X, when pictures doesn’t fill entire size, there are top and bottom spaces or left and right sides with black backgrounds in some apps.

This discussion more channels with Developer, if you’re familiar with shut-down app Facebook Paper, It has an innovation for content aspect. Another interaction, when users tap to zoom, scrolling free also matter.

Relating the situation before, let’s take a look of, ..

Landscape Mode


User rotates his device and getting landscape, means they need details, they wants to see an magnificient, some people would want to show something in landscape mode, especially photos. In my case, landscape mode might take users want to see featured collections of Balenciaga in focus, presenting his eyes in one collection view, you could get scroll from left to right.


When designing first iPhone X app, I used Sketch App, only available for Mac. There is also like Adobe XD, someone could also benefits from Photoshop. While design approach as another communications, speaking in empathy without a voice of speech. Oppose your door first to reality, Design has never interested in public, market might doesn’t care at all in your branding, arts have you done sensitively, just make it actionable works. A purpose of design an app, with elegance of iPhone X, serve own qualities.

I can’t takes everything on components, you should explore themselves with your finger and grids. It’s your professionals must play with components, start with UI Design resources from Apple.

Design assets in this case is coming soon, and thanks for Balenciaga, Hypebeast, Hypebae, Vogue, Supreme, Balenciaga, Gucci, Off-white and the last Google for supporting me with your pictures.

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