Balenciaga Doesn’t Meet Any Youth

They made his own youth, and it works.

When I first met with Balenciaga, I didn’t meet Balenciaga at all, I met his commerce site and their design agency Bureau Mirko Borsche, in It’s Nice That article, I impressed that digital works, even I didn’t know at all what’s significant Balenciaga it is. Then Hype appeared with trending complicated shoes, called  ‘Speed Trainer’ related inspiration of early industry film-age or early invention of Sneakers, if you ever watch Seinfeld comedy, in their year Balenciaga’s shoes matched with those pictures.


This is a quite surprise, invention culture of Balenciaga, Parisian label fashion named with a level of luxurious brands quite interesting in the world of streetwear. Especially their shoes products, have attracted Hype youth.

If we looked early in his story, Balenciaga matched with a renaissance age, history have told that in his first shows, quite mystery brands here, post-war between Europeans, quite mysterous here.

Now a niche market catch it, even smaller than Gucci shoes. Media exposed Hype communities became open-minded with Balenciaga Triple and Triple S, It went popular. That means we’re not talking about good looking here, or is there any chance that Balenciaga could make first celebrated 21st century shoes booms again. That’s Balenciaga Triple S. Beyond what we called contemporary, Balenciaga might called it a normal of mode consumption.

What kind of critique need to expose this Balenciaga ideas. I saw them throught Balenciaga doesn’t meet anything with these fashion today. How they build own aesthatics, classical which means a stairs a long-term business over there?.


Balenciaga Triple S

Even colours themselves could inconsistent own collection, they might say ‘We’re enough with this design, don’t put anything beside one colour after our Balenciaga became strong’, ending part, the logo is everywhere, so rebranding their logo are quite successful there. That’s it, and important questions here, if they could make it his own youth, how these youth generations also input with them.

When I looked around his collections in Balenciaga’s site, It’s a standard titles, no I can’t say ‘standard’, ‘dead’ design culture means, then Balenciaga beyonds it,  there are in every dress, stronger influences, finding unforgotton popularity and discover another popularity in Balenciaga logo’s. Grey plain t-shirt with right side of logo, they sell old-school dress, like a man whose doesn’t care after wake-up with his short training and vintage-style of sneaker in Triple S, goes to Coffeeshop for daily-routine, or your father would never change his shoes since before graduated. That’s Balenciaga culture. I curious how these design process risks them back to the past arguments.

Let’s pick a deep discussions between fashion critiques in highsnobiety.

My favourite,

Fashion would be a really boring place if designers just stuck to ~conventional beauty~ so nah, all good. I could have really done without the Crocs, though.

Alec Leach, Digital Fashion Editor of Highsnobiety

Nah I agreed, a view of digital editor of Highsnobiety. We shouldn’t stay a big space of beauty, especially based on popularity today. I believed Balenciaga with his ‘ugly’, noticed they still believed in this modern era, there are voices would gain ‘ugly’ surprised, . Is that matter?, shall we?, Internet would influences us unexpected. However, predicting the future Balenciaga sustain his Hype what Highsnobiety turned this topic, also wrong in the name of ‘hype’.

Do you think Balenciaga will be able to sustain the hype surrounding it in the next 12 months? … In the next 12 months, possibly. In the next five years – absolutely not. What’s happening now with Balenciaga is simply another Emperor’s New Clothes moment.

Eugene Rabkin, StyleZeitgeist Magazine

‘Absolutely not’, everybody can make a comeback, that would lead a trending. these years is Balenciaga’s another Emperor’s New Clothes moment.

If We goes to credibility on streetculture, fashion would look as if they’re consistent on it. Not much, these youths are curious and catchy. Then between our ‘ugly’ and his beauty, Balenciaga have succeeded became one, not to be high brands or inside the story culture there. A positive feedback is,

Balenciaga possibly doesn’t get around learning about youth community,  this brand is one of the authentics fashion industry in european history. Christian Dior has interested own in his founder Cristobal Balenciaga, ‘the master of us all’.

Balenciaga noticed their seasons within two or three years have developed youth trends today, Fashion is by far always challenging themselves to new fantasy. That’s it, not even to rising his brand, next chapter there must be another abstract to made.


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