What’s Actually ‘Productivity’ on Fashion Culture?

When I covered on fashion brands with Balenciaga, I realized this is another discussion which most critique called it ‘a mode of consumption’. I’m progressing in this publication with fashion, It’s actually fun on physical atmosphere. Where fashion brands have covered productivity into many annual collections, then our reflection as culture, even with this emerging Internet, Where we find the productivity on fashion culture?

Let’s started with journalism, they’re most sensitive on fashion culture. I picked some thinkings from interview of Vanessa Friedman by

If a politician gets up there and says, “Will you stop asking me about my clothes?” I think the answer should be “No.” The questions are not really about their clothing choices, they’re about how they’re trying to manipulate people’s ideas and assumptions about them through how they look. That’s a very important question.

NYT’s Vanessa Friedman on Why Fashion Criticism Isn’t Dead – Racked

That’s a fashion productivity by Vanessa Friedman as ‘accidental’ Fashion Critique on New York Times, she reflect fashion consumption to behaviour and adapted culture, with story and his journalism. ‘The questions are not really about their clothing choices’. It’s my first time get worth impacts from fashion.

and responsibility on his fashion critique

We’re a middleman between the designer and the consumer. … People will say, “Hey, that looks like something I want to wear,” and the job of the critic is to explain to them why—why they recognize themselves in that, why it seems relevant, why it’s happening now, what it has to do with what came before, and where things are going.

NYT’s Vanessa Friedman on Why Fashion Criticism Isn’t Dead – Racked

A storytelling here is much sensitive than while a lot of people whose always recognise fashion never openable to this truly fashion culture. She prefers, fashion experts like Vanessa Friedman also claimed fashions today are too many misleading. Even she doesn’t like fashion brands are ‘There are so many collections’, she prefers It would waste your money, you should read her interview with SURFACEMAG.

Now let’s begin with a refreshing discussion on streetwear, are people enjoying reads the streetwear culture than consumed is so fast and always based on popularity. You should read the productivity fashion culture with Gary Warnett (Passed Away). Complex give him as lifetime achievement. Famous streetwear called him ‘Streetwear’ Scholar. First time I noticed his name, from MAEKAN’s article about his email archive with former Hypebeast, Eugene Kan.

Then what about behaving recorded moments on your blog, that’s what changed fashion today. I got first likes from fashion blogger mikaelahuang (I hope she reads well), on my Balenciaga, she’s in Melbourne, her contents is about personality on style and traveling journal. These things are more popular story than what fashion critique do. When visitors read the blog, they might also get inspired to do that, in common way.

So in my conclusion, I shouldn’t show what you should wear in every season or weekdays, but why every brands culture indicates his design would be matter to people, that’s productivity will appear to communicate on it. Then the culture would make his own choice on style, you shouldn’t use significant brands to be a quality, but how refresh you are being humanity.

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