Goodbye Advertising, A Rising Subscriptions

I didn’t yet celebrate 2018 for KICIKKU, one thing I want to celebrate maintain these quality, and discipline more in writing content. But my concerns, I can’t focus one category, where I sometimes curious on everything. That’s born of learning.

Now, I launched Subscription Models, although you readers can read my essays as long as free, these subscription models is a sense of respect and community, emotional values to support the writer. It’s also motivating us to give more impacts on writers, what’s storytelling could bring actionable and behaviour’s change, what writing could fire our passions.

Now, let’s face the reality here. Advertising’s today is a lack of creativity, crisis and prioritize quantities, possibility faking for viral news.

Everyone tough ones to content to build impression’s attentions. Now first fact, biggest social media network have given up on publishers and journalism credibility, that means they’re not responsibility what they have done.

Nonetheless, today in the marketing industry we have foolishly equated technology with wisdom. The result is Mark Zuckerberg.

Adcontrarian – Technology and Wisdom

I better learn writing fashion culture than arrange concept ‘digital strategy’ with too much talk then my eyes and this empathy even disappoint first without my brain noticed, when their experts say ‘Opportunities always is in there’.

That’s all, we as humans don’t agree why we should arguing with brands and it’s our nature, Today’s companies are more comfortable based on screen with timeline feeds and data which worse never see customers taste and enjoys the smile. It’s better walked around with bicycle, even can force people make sure we’re in the right game, customers wouldn’t get double chance if they passed them. This is requiring a honesty and difficulty, also facing the failure. Not millennials formula.

The fact is people really love with a innovation called ad blocking, Apple also developed that in your Safari, my inspiration for these cases came from Doc Searls Weblog.

Let’s being human, start a simple

Simple means you pay well to get values what you required and to enjoy directly and make that simple serves you deserved on it. Only ‘subscription’ in digital publications can do that.

It innovates to make commitment each other between readers and storyteller, one of the big publishers have proofed it, New York Times.

The push into new buckets of marketing dollars comes at a point when the Times is getting more growth from subscriptions than advertising, to the point that it now talks about itself as a “consumer brand.” The Times said it had 3.5 million paid subscriptions as of the third quarter. Print advertising revenue decreased 20 percent, while digital ad revenue increased 11 percent.

DIGIDAY – ‘We want to beat our chest more’: The New York Times plans to use subscriptions to sell advertising

Many individuals and indies also have done it. Stratechery, Individual journalism by Ben Thompson based on Taiwan covering tech and business analysts have succeed in subscription models.

A chance of making art is coming back again. That’s Why I’m concern between internet culture and publishing. It matters, I’m also writing in internet, the only way to judge my essays and improved like Susan Sontag’s selected essays.

So if you’re in business of blogging, journaling or storytelling. You have to replace your level to emerging subscription business model. Challenging and more values. Don’t make big players controls your root.

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