I Want Crocodile from Paris

Main Critique: How can this crocodile from only winning bites the meats and decide run fashion boutique?

Some of you must know, I can’t play a tennis, even going to field never step in it. And I never showed you ‘How can be a tennis?’. But, I want to learn this sport, Do you feel the atmosphere a ‘tennis’. Some rich men gathered every weeks brought each their rackets and learns with their private teachers, talking about business prospect and introduce the new networks, I should spend my youth with these members.

Have you ever watch some movies a scene gathering tennis membership, Only restricted members and private firms can enjoy a wonderful time with cup of honey tea and favourite cinnamon cakes. Well, make sure you have a lot of story, because I want wears some casual shirt with Crocodile in my left-front side, from French.

I have ever use these ‘Lacoste’ shirts since high school, and my friends knew this ‘crocodile’ is highly branded, when I wore it he never passed without shouts ‘crocodile’ in front of me. It’s rare than what people thinks that a ‘Polo’ of Raplh Lauren. In the end my father told me this is a ‘fake’, however since High School I realised ‘Lacoste’ is elegance collections on. Google showed me on Lacoste than Ralph Lauren, after I searched term ‘Polo’.

Now, it’s my dream to buy an original ones, even a ‘bag’ ones. I dreamed if I’m using ‘Lacoste’s collection, I’m going to travel another countries, put my laptop, camera and notebook in that Lacoste’s bag. At least, I can put some crocodiles stickers for my stuffs.

You know, his identities are more with formal Sports culture, like Golf and Tennis also ski team. Tennis’s players today are must-used Lacoste’s sport casual style, originals of Tennis player’s culture. Make my sunshine in summer is colourful, make Lacoste works for your charms.


René Lacoste – Founder Lacoste & Fashion Designer

The founder is legendary tennis player, whose decided to gathers his tennis’s spirit with his members, fellows and friends with fashion, he is first crocodile since 1933, Rene Lacoste, I never hear that name before writing this. His selling methods, brought their history to tennis’s future and another luxury sports. Today’s croco is Novac Djokovich.

I’m gonna say a handful and plays well with colours after I watched their Spring-Summer 18 and a contemporary music I enjoyed. The designer behind Felipe Oliveira Baptista, not to say they everything elements can catch a trending, this is only Lacoste, enough, not beautiful not unique and not luxury.

Lacoste might I say It’s predictable, not in his design’s prediction.

Lacoste always resets ‘what can we have to do more in the field of tennis or your golf lounge’ more surprises. I can’t say ‘these years Lacoste is boring with his dark blue, green grass and his remarkable red and orange’. But the luxury what must we have are Lacoste. It’s everyday consumption, on his high level. A good time for European showed his charms with crocodile.

There some selections I found mixes in Polo shirts on Spring-Summer 18 and an introduction to make Polo shirts is liveable on runway.  Or a little innovation.

A sign this crocodile have been open his mouth widely.

Most popular ready-wear, when you’re in Lacoste Store, we thought a polo shirt and beyond many colours in frontstore. Only fashion brand can intimidate emotions from only the logo and plain polo shirt. When everyone are using it, must be what’s behind that historical.

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