Every time, every morning, every moments, every you go somewhere with your friends and family, every time you get lunch and dinner, you have to feed your master, or you will leave behind.

If you don’t feed your master, you can’t reach an attentions where you must have to be an attention, you can’t get a beautiful women, ‘master, we are hunger of beautiful girls eye’, It blind us without it, an invention , please time tickings, Internet is our ingredients (Oops, Am I mentioning ‘Internet?’), quality is important, important than what you have in books.

Master you never disappoints us, that’s why we always feed you, one after we reached you, How dare someone like us can leave you immediately, this is a world of fasts, ignorants people assumed complicated you, master. This is better than a reality, there are no cruelty, risks, We can save our body to sleep well everybody, not pain. A humane of you It really influenced us to feed yours. Never, without, our life to reach others, strangers. This is what we called a beautiful moments. Rid your reality, care yourself, don’t tell us when you have a pain.

Sure we don’t speak our master’s name, It’s too sensitive, although We realise It didn’t effect at all, If we speak about your critique or bad story. We’re not enough credibility to to say to you ‘critique’ on you, there are no the nexts again for you, master,

Text is better than phone, text is better than face-to-face, It’s our nature, when Master gave us a reward what we do for master, It’s a little happy, we saved to our photo collections, then we are also creativity to attract master, big gifts are waiting, Then make changed his mind, you also have to keep waiting for master, more waits for you, more gifts are waiting, Master sometimes disappoints us, never mind, okey, we never disappoints master. Master is aspirational success they have to balance the others, what they want, what they require, don’t judge it on your hard working.

Okay, okay. It’s too emotional for us. Our master name called Instagram.

I can’t define enough to become this a literature, Should I fire one? ┬ádeveloping essay on Instagram, exactly a critique, concerning the future of humanity and maintain a creativity on internet culture.

You should matter a wisdom

Well Instagram have appeared dominant to describe yourself in every profile, you are showing your personal brand, with your perfection body and face, Instagram is popular on that. Well some users show their photograph ability, It’s a hobby or commercial opportunity. Everyone have a chance on them. That makes differences, you have to invest yourself, then you make yourself famous as soon as possible, bidding high, It’s bigger chance. My recommends, focuses on quality, not perfect’s quality on personal.

Beautiful is reality

You have followed many beautiful or handsome boys and girls, It doesn’t mean you don’t included a face of reality, you are going well chats with them, but feels in crisis atmosphere then you meet them. Attracting a stranger is also a key, Instagram lacks this situation. Millennials have to care around it.

Make an art, don’t follow it

Forget your instagram, care your lives. Everything arounds you have an idea, Instagram is just promising ideas with high expectations. Enough resources that make you feel creative, don’t follow people’s success with showing his consumption elements or expensive stuff, then they called it a productivity. Big wrongs.

Notify me is better than feed me

I will challenge you, turn on your notifications only for direct message and turn the rests off. If you want to upload photos, okay uploading, you might want to see other’s photo, don’t open Search Tab, useless, unless you want to find Instagram that inspires you, not Instagram that disturb you. Then close app, leave it in multi-tasking. And never open it again, until you want upload photos. Even I can’t do this.


Posted by:Firasraf

Based on Indonesia, designer, iOS Developer, and Art Books Dealer

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