Fun Together with Flight Attendant

“When I was junior high school, my teacher ask me, ‘What do you want to become in the future?. I answer ‘I want to be Flight Attendant’. It inspires me from a song ‘I believe I can fly’.”

I suggest Flight have to boring, not only sleep or readings, without any entertainments. So our creative instincts would do something, talks with another passengers or flight attendant and I did it.

Introduce Ms.Cindy, she might go to a college to start studying Biology or being a teacher, It didn’t go well, after three years, now she loves his profession as Flight Attendance.

“Well you don’t have to be a perfect, If you can speak english well with passengers, that’s how we start a professional.”

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In her emotion, included being on dream. Ms. Cindy wants to fly because of song ‘I believe I can fly’.

When passengers are sleeping, busy with his gadgets turned airplane mode on, still gadgets are everything. I decided to turn over end, others thought I go to toilet, ‘excuse me, when I opened his tray’. Doesn’t mean the tray closed you wouldn’t be uncomfortable with them. I didn’t want to disturb his work at all. She smiled me, maybe she assumes passenger need something, It’s not, she have been surprised, ‘Might I get your photo?’, Indeed, she gave signal that I can take his moments, to make it smooth, I should begin a conversation, ‘What kind of dream It is being flight attendant, most kids want to be flight attendant too?, are you exciting that question?’

It’s not my first time at all, before this,

I have ever got Garuda Indonesia’s crew, they expect these kind photographs would make it assumed there are everywhere in Google. That’s why when I want to take a shoot, I don’t have to be a run of out ideas on portrait of flight attendants. Observe the situation, make an introduction conversation, wihout getting in his personal, take his moments. Give it as making friends, a social begins, share story each other.

Then you made an impact.

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At least, I did something in flight, passenger like you wants to talk with me after services.

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