Young as Commentary

Whose read your cultural commentary?, from fashion, design, architecture until literatures, everyone owns opinions in the era of limitless screen. That’s it, What’s the matter today on commentary?, or we can respect it with critique.

There is someone you might burn the passions, Internet have meet us to get the big chance, motivate me, Why this someone have a voice in his perspective, even Internet have changed rounds quickly, he looked dead or vintage that Internet whatever we called today, benefit audiences from him.

In my young age, a looked like impossible for me. My mistake was How can I concern on followers than my content, that was not the best chance as writer published consistently in my blog, If that was the beginning. But, commentary on Internet, that’s a dumb honestly, whose want to read without any credibility, even clicked on link article is breathing my next – A forgotten, I might describe, this was the long-term should I speak about, even commentary could bring a published book, with my name, Is there any possibility as young one?

What I have mentioned is fashion, the next era of streetwear have released their hormones from the street elements, into luxury – Dead of Karl Lagerfeld means the era of luxury, then a streetwear comes without any argument on power have gain their prices as expensive catalogues. Huh?

A dumb opinion here, an analytics that surely why I should write what’s the next, at least what’s going on here, even the luxury Itself can’t speak they have been threatened by streetwear. Whatever it is, commentary is an entertainment as writing. Looked like, you went to movie, then suddenly writing a critique, morning day published, whoever read that, influenced easily ‘you should not watch that in the night, that was the most scare on’

Reader have been compared to two different worlds, whose want to avoid that as recommended, whose want to taste the passion of that movie in night. A summary as young columnist, then It was called a masterpiece in the past, but today as the trash, It might be say. Then we realised, we lives depends on another creations. That was easy for writing, get money monthly salary.

You are famous one, as writer of qualify perspective-teller in that matter. Beyond, you might get that as profession, back to back reviewed and connected to emotions in their arts. You know what’s trending Pop today?, K-Pop, even noob genre like that could manifest a professional columnist of K-Pop with a title ‘The differences between dancing easy and hard’

It’s an edge of journalists, their industry made a writing goes on changes of culture. What should I do when you have to talk about technology commentary, actually technology itself was promoting themselves for the future. There is no enough power to influence on that critique, when we are too comfortable on tech vision. Well, better went back opened a farms and sell in local market, writing in night, what’s going on today is fake and what Internet you see was real life for the future.