Author: Firasraf

Based on Indonesia, designer, iOS Developer, and Art Books Dealer

Judge Kit to Simulate Your Impact

The experimental concept to read how dominant your innovation in various aspects. Imagine, there is room which have three things of human’s creation. First is book, second is TV and the last is internet. Reflection of these are contents and can influence our mind. But, they’re made in the differences age. Television is canvas of contents. […]

Don’t Feel Advanced in Business Intelligence!

Our inner feelings to develop big data assets. Never expected to be advanced, actually the vision is just get simplified. How magical in these processes. Togetherness of data’s objects is bringing the system in doing their systems. Those group whose make it vulnerability just getting the expression of big data. It’s too focused on data […]

Design in Enterprise: Explained

I’m really interesting with the transformation for business insights. Indeed, this field is categorised with complexity. When i see the design have more ability in experience simulated. That’s why, it could be possible when design is going to participated in this research. In the business’s environment, their story is unexpectedly change from one scenario to […]

The Interactions of Circles for Predictive Analytics Architecture

The context in pinky pattern for the forms of circles and places of rectangle. Bringing to destr0ys the perfection of shape role with the hidden elements. The Interactions of Circles for Predictive Analytics Architecture We’ve got to back basics again to reform the crafting of our processes. Circle is the prestigious shape and have uniqueness […]

Kekuatan dari ‘Wishlist’

Semua layanan belanja online memiliki fitur ini. Fitur ini tidak menjadi perbincangan utama dalam pemasaran bisnis belanja online, namun para pengembang selalu mengesampingkan fitur ini. Menurut opini aku, fitur ini tidak terlalu diterapkan oleh pengguna. Padahal, ‘Wishlist’ memiliki makna yang sangat mendalam. Desainer UX menyebutnya sebagai fitur ‘micro-interaction’, kecil namun fungsinya besar. Kenapa makna yang […]

Develop Smart City like Playground

It’s more understandable to sense it and city’s vision can integrate it. In the playground activity, children may don’t know in their first sight. But their creativity and their pure thinking could test their response with those object to give their emotional judgement. Let’s say (for example), one of the kids get the mini-car toy […]

Membangun Kepercayaan dengan Personal Branding

Makanan memiliki branding yang unik. Itulah kenapa, aku menggambar ilustrasi dengan berbagai tipe produk makanan. Menarik, penuh warna dan menarik suasana. Apakah kamu juga bisa membuat demikian? Gaya hidup kita dipenuhi dengan merek (branding). Jika demikian, kenapa kita tidak mengambil kesempatan untuk membuatnya juga. Ini langkah pertama untuk mem Dunia bisnis sangat merekomendasikan ini, karena […]

Can We Hold The Innovation?

The Many doors in this illustration is your options to choose the future. The golden door is more risky than others, cause it would make the big history that change how we think. Just sensation! 😀 Rushy, it must be, that’s how we react the cyclisation. We intersect each other in various thing, that impossibly has […]

What Else?

We still enjoy with ‘computing’ and ‘internet’ comfort zone. Our life depends on them. Now, let’s make a new canvas to fill that or make a new comfort zone. The challenge is what’s next that doesn’t related with these object?