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Keraguan, Data serta Keyakinan

Data adalah benteng otoritas, benteng yang dibangun antara pejuang dan hasil yang dijuangkan, data selalu mencerna fakta dan hitungan dibalik bentengnya sendiri, dan pejuang mengikuti insting nya apa yang diinginkannya. Data kebanyakan sudah menghasut para pejuang ini dan mereka terlena meragukan rasa juang dan ingin bertahan.

Modelling Revenue in API Business

We really realise benefits by the living of data, business players could make an station or airport of data where data would work their mission. That’s why, Possibility of every field of business can make their own platform or API business. It’s not for technological or internet business at all. After, we have became native […]

Develop Smart City like Playground

It’s more understandable to sense it and city’s vision can integrate it. In the playground activity, children may don’t know in their first sight. But their creativity and their pure thinking could test their response with those object to give their emotional judgement. Let’s say (for example), one of the kids get the mini-car toy […]

The Next Apple TV could be your Business Platform

It will get more innovation for Apple TV. “The future of television is apps”, this is what Tim Cook said in Apple Events yesterday. Apps is the base solution for daily life and the problem we’ve ever faced. The questions is how does apps could be in television?, and what challenge would be for developers to […]