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Letters of Idea, edisi jurnal mingguan kumpulan link dan analisis membahas desain, teknologi dan bisnis. Hanya pelanggan KICIKKU Memberships

The Intersection of Fashion and Technology

“If you want to be original, be ready to be copied” — Coco Chanel Pattern from Fashion Influences — Kicikku Why Fashion?, moment of lifestyle and something culture always speak about it. Fashion designers are the players of innovations, they are fully imaginations atmospheres, dreamers, trending maker and also art thinkers. They don’t belong to the proof of culture, they […]

Are You Introvert or Extrovert?

Between inner world of feeling and outer world of sociability Your personalities might be readable in this graphic. A book by Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking inspires me to form letter of idea this week, every people must indicate about this, it might affect your adventure […]

Contemporary Robotic System

Precisely we’re inevitable for this progress for the big change. Slowly, every aspect is gonna form the master preparation how would possibilities impact in our field. We’re in the middle of open innovation and sharing economy now, purposely balancing the growth emerging markets or understandability for the truly innovation. Robotic System isn’t just the experience how […]

Introducing ‘Letters of Idea’

When Knowledge sharing is inspired by fashion, when education is brought by graphic design culture, stylish idea for differences perspective and bring a new inspiration and also trendy. That’s my vision with ‘Letters of Idea’ is the feature to visual an idea (technology, design and business intelligence) with e-mail format, simplified and collective. This […]

Reflection on Technology for Providing Social Innovation

The biggest challenge right now is how we learn about the mistake, imperfections. People are comfortable right now individually in taking the connections and feedback, that’s our problem. As we believed, knowledge is in everything to be successor in everything and technology are the tools to prove them. Then empathy is our understandability. How do we […]

Noisy Between Inspiration and Idea

I’m discovering to connect what should it be the process between inspiration and idea, this is how my conceptual is looked. Inspirations are everywhere basically, look around and feel it. Even, we’re in the middle of inspiration which we don’t realize, now it’s might our turn to get our deep vision. In various atmosphere, neither […]

What’s Next For *-*-*-*-*-*-*?

Full of mystery in these questions and predictable answers for the future. Perception for better experience, just the journey of your adventure for finishing every risk levels, in new approach of solution for your services and products. That’s why, competitive market brings us for building probability of prospect or making an potential, not seeing an potential […]

Basic of Business

Emotions, Motivations, Knowledge and Inspirations is the tools of business. Place, time and human is the interactions of business and money is the living of business. Now, how’re we writing the story of business?