Favorite Links

These are sometimes I get inspirations from, not based on popular numbers.

Art & Culture

A Cup of Tea

Owned by Gitasav, Indonesian Youtuber, I personally liked his writing, I think she have been busy with his Vlog than his blog. When It cames to ‘emotion’, you should check his journal


Inspirational art and design’s works from artists around the world, much sense on community, this must-be visiting to you, when you want to discover than what Google Image shows you. Owned by Jeff Hamada


That’s when I motivated to write about fashion and streetwear culture,  by Gary Warnett, passed away.

It’s Nice That

Another publication for creative peoples, It’s more general, you also wants to read inside process of designer, this would success you


I found this site, because of Eugene Kan appeared on Supreme Documentary. And I find his name, he have been developing exceptional digital publications. You must join their community.

Seth Godin

You should learn everything from artists, artists have never thought about fails and trying to do the best thing. Seth Godin is discipline blogger, he written many popular books in marketing and ‘success’. My favorite, The Icarus Deception. Long time not to read his blog, after writing about you.

Still / Loud

Online magazine about art and culture based on Hongkong, when you’re looking for their indie and community. Started from this.

The Awl

I’m still understanding with this publication, writers’s here are talented in fiction, critique and his genre. The Verge suggested in his features, every media should read their contents. And 9 hours ago, they’re in the end, ‘disappointment and relief’.


Owned by TheDFM, Westwoodwestwood is also arts and fashion culture publication, It’s more youth and enough contents for millenials whose looking for aspirational creative commerces.


Tobias van Schneider

If you want to encourage yourself turn to digital business, graphics and branding as designer, follow premieres advices from Tobias van Schneider, he mastered this community.

John Maeda

He taught me more than I learned design in visual, observes me to write on design, observe on design, experience on design and feel on design. I first impressed with him, when I saw his interview with Celebrated Apple’s Mac 30 years.

Design Observer

This much on philosophical and idealism of design.

Aiga’s Eye on Design

You want trending topics on industry design and their business. This site where you should start. And I love ‘Where Design Work’ section, It’s feeding my atmosphere’s work.



He changed my perspective right before I got to decide business on social media. Lucky me I have found these kind of experts, the rest might have game over with reality.


I’m going to follow his business model, subscription. He is analyst and biz + tech journalist with his individual.