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Pemeran Bermuka Dua

Bagaimana Innovator menciptakan rahasia bisnis internet mengumpan balik keuntungan Perihalnya, Informasi maunya gratis, sayangnya itu sudah jauh dari peradaban saat ini, kebanyakan peran bermuka dua, ada tujuan terselubung tanpa diketahui oleh orang lain. 

Startup, Bukan Sekedar Berilusi

Dari yang kecil terlebih dahulu hingga menjadi besar nantinya dan bukan menjadi kecil melulu. Bisnis teknologi sedikit berguncang ke bawah, terutama untuk para pemain digital. Kenapa demikian?, ada kecanggungan di mana mereka mungkin menerapkan ide terbaiknya dalam hal inovasi, walaupun mulai kelihatan manfaatnya, sekarang pertanyaan besarnya adalah bagaimana mereka memanfaatkan pemanfaatan inovasi tersebut? Dunia ku selalu […]

Reflection on Technology for Providing Social Innovation

The biggest challenge right now is how we learn about the mistake, imperfections. People are comfortable right now individually in taking the connections and feedback, that’s our problem. As we believed, knowledge is in everything to be successor in everything and technology are the tools to prove them. Then empathy is our understandability. How do we […]

Significant Growth of Emerging Data: Discovering The New Normal

This is how we get the playable of connected-market, business collaboration or digital experience. Taking the requirements of platform in data interactions, what can we define the manageable to realise the wildly of this innovation. The next generation of digital has came long. Business’s perspectives are more likeable in the circulation of connected innovation. Because […]

What’s Next For *-*-*-*-*-*-*?

Full of mystery in these questions and predictable answers for the future. Perception for better experience, just the journey of your adventure for finishing every risk levels, in new approach of solution for your services and products. That’s why, competitive market brings us for building probability of prospect or making an potential, not seeing an potential […]

Modelling Revenue in API Business

We really realise benefits by the living of data, business players could make an station or airport of data where data would work their mission. That’s why, Possibility of every field of business can make their own platform or API business. It’s not for technological or internet business at all. After, we have became native […]

Don’t Feel Advanced in Business Intelligence!

Our inner feelings to develop big data assets. Never expected to be advanced, actually the vision is just get simplified. How magical in these processes. Togetherness of data’s objects is bringing the system in doing their systems. Those group whose make it vulnerability just getting the expression of big data. It’s too focused on data […]