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“If you want to be original, be ready to be copied” — Coco Chanel

Pattern from Fashion Influences — Kicikku

Why Fashion?, moment of lifestyle and something culture always speak about it. Fashion designers are the players of innovations, they are fully imaginations atmospheres, dreamers, trending maker and also art thinkers. They don’t belong to the proof of culture, they make a new surprises for the culture, without seeing anything.

What if technological innovators are inspired by fashion thinking?, how could that be?. The key of fashion thinking, I would say they might not see what culture need or problem’s today, innovation must be mysterious or adventurous elements to judge it. And also, fashion thinkers are passionately with the elements of art, sometimes not seeing opportunities in commercials, they are brought by their ego in fashion design. That’s why runway season are their judgement probabilities, you know people have different style in every contexts.

Visual Language Technological Building (Inspired by Fashion Thinking) — Kicikku

Now, technological innovators, if they would like to make a big game changes, how should we surprise them, without seeing potentials of business, but there are the new potentials would be there, and also being an authentic firstly, dreamed by your imagination or what kind of activities are you doing today is affected with the new idea.

Vision like simplified with innovation, effectiveness or comfort things, that’s another levels. Sometimes what we think it is ugly, people might call it’s beautiful, this world is full of questions and inconsistency answers, your imagination without circumstances would presents it crucially.

Letters of Idea — Kicikku

Firas Rafislam is tech strategist, designer, instigator in developing tech experience for inner and outer digital biz or business prospective, he’s also passionate discovering idea in design thinking and lastly curator of ideas. He was Freelance iOS Developer. Kicikku is his collective experimental ideas and essays platform.

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This is how we get the playable of connected-market, business collaboration or digital experience. Taking the requirements of platform in data interactions, what can we define the manageable to realise the wildly of this innovation.

The next generation of digital has came long. Business’s perspectives are more likeable in the circulation of connected innovation. Because of data, we’re precisely in the living to have much better results when impact must be affected. Can we have to reform the platform matter when data is featured more than just a report?

Data is given in the elements of influences to show, manage and control it. And, we’re focusing right now in the instant way and the new productive experience. Is this wrong for the building infrastructure, we just to be constant what data gives in various conditions. The making of process are connected ideas or open innovation to integrated everything.

Now, there’re more field in this emerging study, big data. It’s very sensitive for big companies integrate with big data. They’re not have a business plan in technology section, however exploration of business process can show their solution by task of business intelligence, related in the high management whose need deep analytics of their process. Let’s say, Enterprise-driven manufacturing. A kind of system that simplify in the affects of business’s components activities.

Enterprise-building is built in many layers and every layers are invested in risk zone. Making the own of ecosystem by digital native for the ways of collaborate, listen and reflects or response are the designing experience in the uniqueness of emerging innovation data.

One of the components in this process are data. Now, the questions is appeared for those data can interact with another components. Another thing like human resources as exemplary, what can it be when data related with human resources?.

Some answers popular with Internet of things. Still continued on driven-manufacturing. Taking approached in the data-driven development isn’t surprisingly new thing. There’re emotionally between us and the sense of contents and some influences our mind, like self-destructive in future of jobs.

When we have realised all of this, this would like to be nature in every connected business. Still invisible for reclaiming in every feedback to solve something non-technical. Innovation of data never show between simplicity or complexity, even effective or not. But, there’re process which too be relative in one purpose. That’s why, big data is really hard to connected in simplified things. Indirectly, we’re looking for the new normal or new habit for collaborate with our emotions and feeling and achievement in the golden era in this advanced growth, however it’s not ever yet of solution for them, at least it can be the neediness of their platform to be the side of solution.

I’m going to split it up to balance the consequences. There’re uncontrollable methods between get an impact and results of business. Data could make an history in the effective hint for the next decisions, this could be analytics methods. Otherwise, data just bring the role of responsive in depends of conditions. In this dotted line which connected those two things between history contexts and the readable of conditions, there must be an explanation for making a new line in their achievement. This work honestly too much imaginative idea for the future. Whatever it’s big-term or not, Innovation of data mostly in digital experience is more likely taking the big decisions for the neediness of target role. So, there’re explanation why critical thinkers need to be more advanced for their challenge, even smarter with consequences after data take a playing some jobs.

Can we have to put the controllable management in innovation data? or just openable mind what customer interact in around of business. Back to the basic, how the world thinking about their future?, catch to reform the culture?, unacceptable the new influences?. The power of data wanna answer those, even they just a space of context.

Bringing innovation data just described in the living ecosystem where human resources develop in their the neediness. Somewhere, the magnificent this management of everywhere in this emerging innovation could bring the nations of self. Just follow the passionate plan of surveillance issues, the nature of data is brought by indication of international issues and where data could bring the solutions for many aspect, that’s why our trustable are adapted by the glue of sensitivity in technology when the secret plan is executed by them and looking for it.

Now, the inner playing of business are going well in architecting of data. Every firm in this field precisely innovate more deeply in those strategy. Sometimes, it’s not touching yet with reality, until they might made a own potentials for which it can be sure your platform still need more approaching solution, I thought about the reasons for the commandment in our behaviour with digital experience, it’s never give us forceable of the realisation when it comes critique of our strategy. Then, we just get respective in the answers by interactions data with the time intimidate us.

So, my personal is looking for a balance way. Not, innovative way which can be hilarious for getting an impact. Computing in information shows the wildly of significant growth and not even care about filtering what kind of priority without interconnected of platform. Emerging big data focuses on planning the new habit of IT management and now move beyond through an experience which gives an associate of some decisions.

I’m not speculative for the building of effective process. However, this kind of innovation by data are in deep creativity for everything related in our activities. Because, it fills the information and can change around. Media Art study is the new generation between technology and aesthetic of art and data is something need to require for move the emotions, draw a shape algorithmically and experience self graphics. It has got the reality in art. Now, digital transformation and data are also prepared for press world issues. Our financial system become less speciality after connected data bring the simplify in this system and looks like to hide the real challenge to influences by instant way.

Data have the indication in time which control our performance and inspect the activities. Never mind, it’s have good impact or not. However, those time could indicate our pressure in productivity or tasks for the next execution. I wasn’t sensitive in the sense of data by contents or their profiling. It might just full of coincidence or the readable situations. Because of that, time could arrange the unexpected moments and tells it in a story by our connected mind. I’m trying to simulate this culture between platform and our emotions. Critiques in technology business is less discovered when their culture never treat the realisation of innovation, we have just feel a reality firstly after time leaves our intentions from what should the new strategy they have built.

Do we really response the competitiveness of emerging markets, do we really need to follow the moments where people need the most from your attention. Time could be the bringing depends on the relativity of business field which sometimes ignore our principal when data isn’t comparable with our multitasking in their adaptation with time. We can study the moments of past and predict for the future personally. As approaching in the every field because technology business loves the challenge, from the filling of information until have an emotion. Then, are the responsive designed to be simplified is the action of true?, by become everywhere in mobility and always updated by compressible distribution data for our performances. This is why, business can be called networked things.

As approaching in the every field because technology loves the challenge, where’re the conclusion or the deep in our strategy for at least building something together. ‘this is where technology matter and data can be controlled for everything in every what we do’. Data isn’t just fill the information right now, it’s like your family now where there’re might drama around us.

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