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The Many doors in this illustration is your options to choose the future. The golden door is more risky than others, cause it would make the big history that change how we think. Just sensation! 😀

Rushy, it must be, that’s how we react the cyclisation. We intersect each other in various thing, that impossibly has seen in our case. People doesn’t realise what’s new in the world?, but our thinking looks like consist for the beyond objects. And there’s another thing, we see the imagination with fill of possibility is the foundation how we change the world.

Visibility doesn’t speculate about their looks, they just controlled by their command, that formal is their sense. Our motion reflects in every objects, however reality sometimes thanks to our speculation, we see the transformation of the culture. We can see here, how the universe and integration of human could be playground of many studies. Knowledge is born everyday. Our intelligence mind developed any kind of thinking, idea, opinion and action. The biggest thing that participate with us in the around of universe is the innovation. I can’t define what’s inside of innovation and the rules of them. Togetherness, that created community is making every build of the power of innovation. Then, we doesn’t see how innovation can found the problem of their process. In every innovation try to make a new challenge, we couldn’t observe how innovation can hold their work first, because of problem. Is there any reason that innovation hold their work?, In fact, we never realised it invisibility. We don’t judge because of information have closed their failure. In visual, between innovator and object. But, abstraction never lie about this.Our transparency could feel our daily life that constantly enjoy with it. Business is the suspect for that, they’re the influencers. Our creativity thinking is influenced by around of you, passion and appetite. Now, our thinking develop idea from object to sub-object. It’s very little potential to develop the pure reason that people is difficult to catch it. Those sub object actually become the main object, that main object actually is the sub object of the main object.

Especially for technology and design, we develop that others have developed. Solution is more approachable with the solution. We repeat that imperfect that to be perfect, actually it’s not perfect yet. I would say this is our circulation, there’s no ending story to talk about the future. We see many things in the world that affect how reflection that we get. Then, feel empathy or motivation is the force to the next level. Actually, business field sometimes the main actor of obstacle or can expedite our circulation. When, business got their formula to success in their market, they would obstruct or hold the innovation that turn in the culture firstly, if people realised their comfort zone, their business plan could be expired or disruptive business take the chance. Time is ticking, we still hold it. Then, there’s adaption for our culture that we still take the judgement with weird decision, it’s strange mostly what they say. Maybe, people still be stranger with virtual reality, it’s long-term inspiration that takes so many times to show to the culture and it’s the next generation of screen-based. Because of our habits, we still love with screen-based. It’s okay, the power of business and community will try to adapt with it. Time is ticking, we still hold it.

The evolution of culture or the world transform changed unexpectedly is the new way how innovation got their adaption. But, the more innovation has completely got their vision. There’s unfinished strategy here.

Now, we get the reasons of holding in innovation. We just too enjoy in the comfort zone that stack in the environment. We shall got to deep thinking, not only for the solution, but the new canvas that makes a new world of creativity and potential to develop more. That’s why ‘Solution is more approachable with solution’. Internet of Things, just the sub-object of internet, then what do we expect more in internet of things, their foundation is just communication in device. Every generation is born with more sub object. When older-innovator thought of computing, we really read in every aspect. From big hardware to micro size, from experimental only until commercial in every house personally. For now, we’ve developed with question ‘what’s more about the computing next future?’, another in simply ‘what’s else?’, or technically ‘what could be the new innovation after computing and internet?’. But, every generation is born to difficult answer the question. This is the challenge of innovator should be.

What’s the beginning thing in this process?, The long-term of innovation just make our comfort zone more enjoyable. We just intersect each other for the new recipe. Like, computer has software. Before mobile phone is exist, it’s just about phone and short message service. Invention of mobile phone got inspired from software of operating system in computer.

Universal is here. We intersected, then integrated and updated, optionally, we cloned. To describe my process, i love to intersected each other in abstraction visual thinking, even for this writing. If we manipulated something, there are the reasons to have it. We need energy, information, money and happiness. To get those, we use inspiration, knowledge and design. The results could be risk, disruptive and innovative. I’m clear with this, this is how we do structurally. The result is far from being perfection and it’s possible to fail. Then, so many things in the world. I say, we just be entertained by our creation if there’s one have the solution first. When innovation is held, because we still need them.

Look at the smartphone era, how business got more potential and scalable in many categories, we still depends on them. Innovation moved to the next generation, after telephone doesn’t matter again. The plan comes from simple question ‘can we bring this telephone?’ or ‘Can we remove the cable and bring it everyday?’ and always develop more with more questions. In these four or five years, smartphone give the new idea that converted to another sub objects. It could be art, environment change, speech and anything else. The technology is more advanced, it’s time to be unique. Unique could be just the sensation. People could share their moments with social media. Is there any development for share the moment to be unique?. Or, we’ve just get enough with it.

Well, different perspective in every innovation. Those sub-object is made with the question again that converted to sub-object again. If you wanna invent something. We should bring our passion and use it to make those sub-object that could be more developed. From simple to complex or basic to advanced, problem to solution.

Just make the puzzle game, write 50 words or more whether it’s adjective, verb or noun. We’ve developed everything. Now, we’re looking for effective things, this is the key of simplicity. Now, we’re discussing about how crisis the environmental now. This problem because of creation too. Now, our innovation must adapt to love our environment. This is only the beginning. Although, we’ve adapted the machine to speak, innovation still find the climax.

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