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The experimental concept to read how dominant your innovation in various aspects.

Imagine, there is room which have three things of human’s creation. First is book, second is TV and the last is internet. Reflection of these are contents and can influence our mind. But, they’re made in the differences age.

Television is canvas of contents. Then, it’s controlled by every owners of channels and gains their consumers with attraction. What they have to achieve is find the keys of impression. People whose like consuming daily-news or enjoying fun with cartoon, it’s their options. However, the restrictions comes by a weakness of TV, it’s about access.

Internet is the next capability from television, we’re sharing each other, between content’s owner to user and also response it. Showing a perfection of information, but internet’s restrictions never see positive or negative feedback.

Book looks like natural in around us, minimalism in his position unlike TV and Internet. Then, doesn’t wanna attract us, but we have to come for them. There’s requirement for getting interactive by book, it’s kind of inspirations. And a result may be a bigger influence than others.

So, we have identified every objects. Now, i would like to see first-impression by this human. ‘Why does he/she choose it?’, Too general for answering this, but we understand these are innovations of the sharing information. User can meditate some theory if book is chose, User can explore in different opinions if internet is chose and user can get visualisation and show the summary of contents if television is chose. Just imagine what’s reflection which human did in these objects.

After build a relationship with them, what kind of contribution from human, We must have a goal from the affection of these innovation. We can’t just say enjoying comfortably, but conclusion after we consumed. Then, fill the respective between each other, telepathy in neediness.

This judge kit gives us more possibility in having more the reason by comparable. We can clear why Now, it’s time to fill your innovation and other things that related. It’s not just about every innovation in one categorised, you can compare in competitive or past-related things. The most important part is about human experience simulation from this room.

If you plan about modelling business, give elements of sensitivity in your thing and compare with competitor in your opinion. This simulation isn’t about building of process, but judging if you’re executed your impact. For me, it’s really effective.

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