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Chanel Catwalk

Aku tidak menyangka eksplorasi desain ku masuk ke pola Fashion. Buku ini memenuhi standar ku belajar bagaimana budaya Fashion dari penjuru dunia punya cara mempengaruh yang tidak ada habisnya, rasa ingin diskusi. Seni ini dimulai dari desainer Karl Lagerfeld telah mempertemukan ku dirinya berada di Internet, selama aku masih membaca kolumn Vogue, nama dia selalu […]

Where They Create : Japan

“I like to initiate projects myself and get things rolling rather than always being goaded to do certain work before a deadline” — Kenya Hara  Kenya Hara, Graphic Designer — Where They Create: Japan Thank You Paul, your new book have guided me discover creative people around Japan. Where They Create, the stories which artists, designers and more tell their process […]

Jean Jullien: Modern Life

“trying to understand the world I live in by documenting it and theorising about it with humour and humility.”   A story where you discovered what’s moments on there. Jean Jullien with his creations are showing the modern life today and our habits in this 21st century, you wouldn’t surprised today with our behaviour what […]

The Monocle Guide to Drinking and Dining

“It is important for us that children learn to appreciate food with great taste, to make new memories..” Another series of Monocle, guiding to drinking and dining, what would I introduce is just smile everywhere and happiness, starting from food and beverages characters, the narration would begin after produced from freshness elements, immediately delivered to […]